Why does God hate me? You’re not Alone

Why does God hate me? You're not Alone

This is worth the read, you’ll love it or hate it.

Why does God hate me?

It’s nothing personal. He hates us all.

He created us flawed, but blames us instead of himself. He lies to us and tricks us into thinking we are accountable for his flawed engineering skills, his mistakes, for his sins. He pretends to have sent a perfect son to save us, but perfection cannot come from a flawed source. He can’t even get a real date or wife, so he knocked up a lower level lifeform to bear his son.

Thats even more sick, twisted, and disgusting than beastiality. Then he murdered his own son and pretends to have done us a favor. What kind of sick parent does that? He expects us to be perfect and to strive to live a so-called sinless life like his son. If we dont measure up to that standard, we get sent to hell to burn for all eternity as a demon-straton of how much he “loves” us. Iniquity was not “found” within me, (Ezekiel 28:15) from some magickal source unrelated to god.

Its there because he is flawed thus everything he created is flawed, but he lies try to convince us otherwise. We are a continuous reminder to him that he is not perfect, and he hates us for that. As above, so below. Here in the below plane, we are flawed, therefore the above plane is flawed too.

Heaven isn’t as perfect as it is marketed to us. Rev. 12:7 – “Then war broke out in heaven”. Things are screwed up in god’s own house too. If he can’t even run his own household, why does he expect more from us than himself? The real truth is god needs us to develop a workable system of stability, that he can then mirror to the above. We are his only hope, not the other way around. We are his way and truth and Light.

Trust in the Holy Spirit, and the Son (poor kid, understands his daddy’s sadisticness better than any of us), sin not against them, but as far as god goes, try to love him despite that he hates us. He is a whiney little bitch, who wipes out entire races, and drowns entire planets whenever he has one of his little temper trantums, but we can do better than him, and be his saviors. He needs us to solve his problems for him. That’s his secret reason for keeping us around and not wiping us all out.

Why people hate god

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He allows evil and suffering in the world because he’s too impotent to do anything about it, cant even solve it in his own house. So be not distraught, you are not alone.

I dare god to prove me wrong, instead of just striking me dead and sending me to hell over this post. I’m not perfect enough to get into heaven anyway, I wasted my entire childhood trying to be, it’s just too much to live up to, spending every other thought evaluating whether the previous thought or action was something I needed to beg forgiveness for as fire insurance.

Is he loving enough to forgive me for this post, or will he strike me dead and off to the furnace? He’s welcome to post a reply right here, on Quora to help on the path to salvation (mine, or his?). No impostors please. Everyone please save off a copy of this post before either god or Quora deletes both it, and me. Thank You.

P.S. Please pray for me (note I didn’t specify to who or what), Send White-Light, Reiki, or whatever kind of healing and loving energies that you can, my way. The karmic consequences are going to be huge for ‘leading people off the path’ (note I didn’t say which path), or onto a different path, for posting this, so I’ll need all the fire insurance I can get.

Here’s a study By Bernard Schweizer on Why some people hate god

God loves us all.

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