10 Reasons Why people have started hating NBA

I hate NBA
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Let’s find out the real reasons on “Why do people hate NBA”

I want to enjoy watching professional basketball again. I really do.

But after watching a season of bracket-busting, court-rushing madness in college basketball, the task of switching over to full-time NBA ball viewing is like coming down from a four-month adrenaline binge and being forced to swill lukewarm Dunkin’ outside the Flying J truck stop to get your fix.

It’s just not the same, but it’s all that’s keeping us college basketball junkies from scratching our necks bloody.

1) Annoying Pre-Recorded Music Playing During the Game

Every time an NBA arena plays the organ tune “Charge!” during a home team’s offensive possession, an orphan’s Snack Pack is stomped into the ground.

It’s a gimmicky void-filler for the game.

It’s like the NBA and you are kind of friends but don’t know each other well enough to have comfortable silence—which is exactly what you’d get at some NBA regular-season games if they didn’t actively fill the air with sounds to provoke people into engaging in the action.

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2) Fans Show Up Late to Games Looking Like Tools

“Sorry I’m late guys. I just turned 27 so, obviously, I had to register for an Instagram account and buy tickets to Ultra. It took forever because they had trouble sizing me for a denim jacket. Who’s winning the meet?”

3) The Dunk Contest

If you care to dust off some old tape (or the Dead Sea Scrolls), you can see there once existed a time when the dunk contest was a highly anticipated and celebrated event in the NBA.

It wasn’t just the good athletes dunking, or an afterthought you throw your hat into at the last minute. It featured monumental clashes between NBA stars—Michael Jordan versus Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb versus Wilkins and so on. It was an annual promise of jaw-dropping talent for fans to look forward to.

The 2013 NBA Dunk Contest, on the other hand, was one of the worst things to ever happen in professional sports that didn’t involve grievous bodily injury or Mark Sanchez.

It’s a sad day for the NBA when the professionals are getting outdone by 18-year-olds in the McDonald’s All-American dunk contest.

4) Too Many Games

♫ Cut my eyes into pieces, this is my last resort

Saturation, not needed

Fewer games also equals fewer repetition-related injuries, and therefore longer career potentials for star players who draw fans to the arena.

5) Coaches Are Glorified Babysitters

Few strong coaches who demand respect and actively run their team’s game plan seem to exist in the NBA anymore. Few strong coaches who demand respect and actively run their team’s game plan seem to exist in the NBA anymore.

6) Celebrity Fans

Are you famous and actually enjoy sports? Have a real team you’ve always cheered for? Awesome, good for you. Step right on up and claim your seat at the Staples Arena.

Are you famous and enjoy to pretend to like sports in order to get on television with your girlfriend? Well, open up, sweet peach, because you’re getting a tee-shirt cannon straight to the tonsils.

7) Players Whining About Fouls

True story: Carlos Boozer has never committed a foul while playing in the National Basketball Association or the NCAA.

He is just another one of the thousands of victims in the NBA wrongfully accused of committing fouls and penalized for the actions of others.

And he deserves to voice his displeasure, in Dolby Surround, as he pantomimes his frustration after every single whistle.

The NBA Isn’t the Worst, It’s Actually Awesome.

Now that we’re all good and worked up, it’s time to cool off and be real.

I kid because I care, everyone, and because I want to be as invested in the league as I once was when I was growing up.

My love for basketball is such that I could never hate the NBA, for all its strange quirks and frustrating aspects. No matter how much the dunk contest continues to be a bumble-fest, or how insufferable the interloping of the commissioner becomes, I will still watch it for the simplest of all truths.

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