Real Reasons Why do people hate Trae Young

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Why do people hate Trae Young? He is one of the most exciting and talented players in the NBA right now. He can score from anywhere on the court, he can create plays for his teammates, and he can lead his team to victory. He is not afraid of big moments, he is confident in his abilities, and he is always looking to improve. He is a joy to watch for any basketball fan.

So why do some people hate him? Maybe they are jealous of his skills, maybe they are annoyed by his swagger, maybe they are bitter about his success. Maybe they just don’t appreciate his style of play, his flair for drama, or his passion for the game. Maybe they are fans of rival teams, or they have personal biases, or they just like to hate.

 Why do people hate Trae Young
Why do people hate Trae Young

Whatever the reason, I think they are missing out on a great player and a great person. Trae Young is not perfect, but he is not a villain either. He is a competitor, a leader, and a star. He deserves respect and admiration, not hate and criticism. He is one of the best players in the league, and he is only getting better. I love Trae Young, and I think you should too.

Trae Young Is the Villain in the NBA Needed During the 2021 Playoffs & that’s Why People have started hating Trae Young

Why people hate Trae young , Genuine Question?

So, What happened that made him hated by some people?

Since LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and James Harden are all out of the playoffs, fans lacked an NBA player to cheer against until Young came along. His brashness has made the 2021 NBA Playoffs more exciting.

I guess I’ve been out of the loop and discussion on this for the past couple seasons but this world seems to be somewhat for and against trae young and I honestly have no clue why.

One of our Reader asked – Why do people hate Trae Young?

People hate Trae Young because he made them look like fools with their hot takes about him being a bust during his rookie year. They can’t admit they were wrong so they have to keep the hate train moving and they don’t have any legitimate grips so they have to make something up.

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10 Reasons Why do people hate Trae Young?

1) They see Trae rollin, they hate him

They hate him because he made them look like fools with their hot takes about him being a bust during his rookie year. They can’t admit they were wrong so they have to keep the hate train moving and they don’t have any legitimate grips so they have to make something up.

2) He got skills which hurt haters feelings

He is crafty af but plays a game where he likes to bait for fouls like Lou Williams, Luka, and James Harden. People hate that style of play outside of Luka because he’s you know… 

3) He’s the modern Iverson.

Honestly, it’s a skill. That’s pretty much it. Guys like that aren’t fun for many fans while some love Trae because he plays like it’s pickup Basketball. That’s why kids love Trae Young. I know I would if I was a kid. He’s the modern Iverson. 

Why do people hate trae young

4) People always try to pull down others

Or People always try to shoot down hype when a star player isn’t winning games. Trae gets a little more because his numbers are putting him next to or above all-time greats

5) They hate him and it’s okay because I don’t want him to be loved by all

Probably crazy but I don’t want him to be liked amongst many, I want him to be in that Kobe category. Not to say I don’t want him to have friends when free agency comes around but I just want his respect level so high similar to Kobe’s that it doesn’t matter if you like him or not you have to respect his game cause it’s just that damn good

Well some people judge him by his looks but I guess No rich man is ugly.

6) He fell prey of National Media critics which loves to point out what Trae Young can’t do instead of all the things he excels at.

For being as skilled as he is, nobody has been slighted more than Trae Young early in his career. Perhaps it is because he was traded for Luka Doncic, who has already turned into an MVP candidate, on draft night, or maybe it’s his smaller stature. But regardless of the reason, the national media loves to point out what Trae Young can’t do instead of all the things he excels at.

why people hate trae young
Why people hate Trae Young

7 Trae young is one of the most electric players in the NBA

His lethal scoring ability has torch defenses has helped lead the hawks to reach the eastern conference finals for the first time in seven seasons as a senior in high school he averaged 42.6 points per game and was one of the best prospects in the country with the sooners he continued to dominate averaging 27.4 points per game despite his success he was called a potential bust due to his lack of size with the hawks

8. Trae young has become even more hated due to his behavior on the court

why do people hate trae young
Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young shown just before opening tip off against the Philadelphia 76ers at State Farm Arena. Mandatory Credits: Dale Zanine

He has been cursed at spit on and shoved. He is hated for his stop and style start of play, his ability to draw fouls and his clutch shooting skills

– he’s so good you want to throw him off a cliff

9. Shout-outs by NBA Superstars

At oklahoma he garnered comparisons to Steph curry due to superior handles and shooting abilities through 15 games he was tearing it up leading oklahoma to a 15-2 record.

He received shout outs from NBA Superstars Lebron James and Steph curry after averaging nearly 30 points per game however this dominance was not meant to last and fans began to expect the spectacular play for the rest of the season but as soon as he began to struggle the harassment and hatred began to pour in besides the attacks on social media.

10. People hate being wrong and they were wrong about Trae

why do people hate trae young
Trae Young PNG Vector Image

Every player face hate but for Trae, he embraces it and it helps him propel his game to another level. As young has missed games four and five due to a foot injury despite all of his success so far fans continue to hate on him for his wining and ability to draw fouls due to contact

However as we have seen this from other players such as Luka, this style of play may become normalized throughout the league.

Well if there’s one thing that the Scouts were wrong about it was that he wouldn’t be able to create open shots

Trae also received overrated chants while playing lubbock against texas tech when they faced off against oklahoma. State fans held up pictures of birds to distract young who has an irrational fear of birds also known as -ornithophobia

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NBA villains are good for the game

This year’s 2021 NBA Playoffs are far more interesting than last year’s, because of the new blood but also because of players like Trae Young, who is now a nemesis to opposing teams. He not only destroyed the Knicks with his play, but he is doing the same thing to the Bucks, who were expected to make the NBA Finals.

But that’s what good villains are suppose to do: be the spoilers.

The NBA is far more fun and interesting when you have players you can root against. Trae Young officially has taken the mantle from Durant and James, who were knocked out of the playoffs by the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns, respectively.

Because of his play, Young has joined the elite set of players who fans from across the country enjoy rooting against, while begrudgingly respecting his play on the court, as well. For the NBA, that’s not a bad thing.

Young is a visible walking bucket, has elite handles, is one of the best at getting to the free-throw line despite being just a hair over six-foot, and there might not be a more skilled playmaker in the league right now.

But instead of recognizing all of the unbelievable feats he has accomplished at just 22-years-old, the media has enjoyed creating faulty stereotypes about his inefficiencies (already mentioned above) and ability to play winning basketball, ignoring the fact that the Hawks roster was legitimately built to fail in his first two seasons in the league.

Recently He tweeted about how he’s thankful to Kobe and how his game will always be influenced by Kobe.

The media has come up with excuse after excuse for why Young isn’t one of the NBA’s top point guards, and he’s torn them down one by one. Soon, there won’t be anything left for them to grab at, and this series against the Knicks is the perfect stage for him to address all of the nonsense that has been said about him since he was coming out of college. Source

Facts about Trae Young

  1. Trae Young was born on September 19, 1998, in Lubbock, Texas.
  2. He attended Norman North High School in Norman, Oklahoma, where he was a standout basketball player.
  3. Young played one year of college basketball at the University of Oklahoma before declaring for the NBA draft.
  4. He was selected fifth overall by the Dallas Mavericks in the 2018 NBA draft but was later traded to the Atlanta Hawks on draft night.
  5. In his rookie season with the Hawks, Young averaged 19.1 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 8.1 assists per game, earning him a spot on the NBA All-Rookie First Team.

Hatemag score:

Hate: Defense and Winning, Foul baiting

Love: Entertaining and very skilled player ❤️

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