I Hate Pubg for all the right & wrong Reasons

I hate pubg

I Hate Pubg for all the right & wrong Reasons

Its not about hating per say. The thing that people are making a hiss about this is because it gained a lot of popularity in a very small amount of time. As they say, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” People has taken the mentality from this. Apart from that, its a very addictive game which cause you to stay engaged into it for hours and hours. As a result, your loved ones feel left out and it results in thinking of PUBG as a negative force.

There are two categories of people those who play pubg and those who don’t. Those who play pubg will definitely love the game and those who don’t they’ll have their reasons to hate .

I was travelling in bus and beside me was a boy playing pubg and shouting loudly while playing and i hated the game at that time because i didn’t know the game yet. Of course i would have hated even if i knew but not the game i would’ve hated the boy for shouting and disturbing.

And other people hate the game coz their partners /friends keep playing game and don’t even care about them even when they are outside like cafes and eateries where they came to spend their time together!

 I was again shocked: why does it sell so many copies? I started to hate this game before long! When I sit down, my “player mind” was triggered and gave me the following reasons:

The control is weird! Camera rotation, character movement, driving, shooting, and fighting all felt dry and unpolished.

Collecting items for 20 minutes and get headshot in 1 second is purely frustrating. I was a famous super bad FPS player. I hoped to win through strategic thinking and planning in this genre, but shooting skill is still emphasized here.

Motion sickness. I’m not usually prone to motion sickness, but PUBG managed to make me motion sick within two matches. The reason could be dropped frame rate and camera movement.

I feel pure hatred in every game. Maybe this is just not the right genre for me, cause I would prefer making friends than brutally killing people.

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