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Is Hating something a bad thing?

Just like some people love using Android, some just hate it and showoff their iPhones. The point is – You just can’t love everything in this world, so it’s okay to Hate something in a non-harmful way. 

I Hate lot of things & It makes me feel good when people agree with me, Why?

The world becomes a lot nicer when we human understand each other better but that’s a impossible dream. The Science Behind Why We Love to Hate “no bond is stronger than two people who hate the same person?” It turns out there is actually some truth to that statement. Despite hating people being a socially unacceptable act, on the few occasions when people have the guts and/or strong emotion to motivate them to share their negative opinions about a person, it often pays off in the form of new or stronger connections.

Who's behind Hatemag? Can we know

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Please write a post on 'Reasons I hate my Ex-Girlfirend'

Well the reasons I hate my girlfriend will be different from the Reasons you Hate your Ex-girlfriend. 

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