Dedicated to people Who Hate to Wait

people who hate to wait

We love to meet people in our lives, well for the knowns we usually lower our egos and wait for them but we usually hate to wait for people we don’t know much.

People who can wait are patient. People who are impetous can not wait.

It is important to differentiate by being patience and killing time. For example I don’t like to wait when there is a delay for my plane but I can wait a reasonable amount of time when the food is being serviced to my table at restaurant.

people who hate to wait
waiting for someone –

Well, I’ll give you different perspectives to this

Well everyone hate it, people who hate to wait are normal. It depends for whom we are waiting for and what are we gonna do when that person comes.

If its your partner, you may feel really excited, happy to meet him or her, keep on checking time until they arrive.

My Advice:

I have no problems with waiting. I have had miscommunication many times e.g. where I showed up an hour early by accident for meeting a friend. My friend was surprised I wasn’t angry or frustrated. I simple kept using my phone or you can simply keep reading a book.


Tips If you end up waiting for someone

Never waste a minute on worrying if he/she would show up.

If he wouldn’t show up, make sure you have something interesting to do while you wait.

This may hit you hard – People Who hate to wait

Ever heard of the saying: “Good things are worth waiting for?”
A lot of people don’t have any problem with waiting. It gives them a chance to take a break or think about something else. It’s good to distance yourself for a moment or just meditate and clear your mind.

Sometimes it’s a good chance to rest or see it as a chance to exercise yourself in patience. It’s good to exercise yourself in patience. A lot of things on this planet -including fellow human beings- Need patience.

Patience is too little in today’s generation and It becoming less and less in humans with time.

Patience is a good ability that needs to be developed. Patience is the ability to WAIT for things to develop in their own time. Many things in life need such patience.

You can’t tell a flower to grow faster. You’ve got to give it time. That is something which you must come to grips with: That things need their own time.

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Sometimes things take too long -and we know it. Then we don’t like to wait because we KNOW that the waiting time is artificial. We know that we have to wait longer because of the incompetence or laziness of people.

In such cases waiting is also especially hard to do. And it is also hard to wait if you know you could have been faster if you’d have made the right decision(s). But even in these situations you’re often better of with patience.

Patience with yourself. Because if you are NOT patient with yourself you risk cutting yourself down. THAT is not good at all because your mind hears this and it deteriorates your self-esteem if it happens too often.

Are you still waiting in a traffic jam because you haven’t bought a bicycle yet? Then this waiting time could make you come to this important decision.

Using a bike will make you travel faster in the city and it will benefit your body because of the extra body motion. While you sit in the jam and think about this you might also realize that getting in a bad mood because of the jam is NOT going to get you anywhere.

You might realize that this is an exercise of patience for you and you start playing your favourite song and sing to it. That too is a good way to pass the time… WAITING IS GOOD FOR YOU!

This “Instant Culture” that we’re used to is actually complete nonsense. One should become aware that there are chances in waiting. Become conscious of them!

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