I hate Open Relationships – Reasons & Real Facts

I hate open relationship

In this Post of HateMag, I’ll give you Reasons I hate Open Relationships or Reasons to never enter into an open relationship

What is an open relationship? Is an open relationship a good idea?

An open relationship is one in which partners agree, either explicit or implied, to see other people while continuing to see each other.

The Biggest Reason behind “No to Open Relationship”

Do you HONESTLY believe that in so many millennia of humanity, Open Realtionship hasn’t been tried and failed repeatedly?

Not to mention that most people do not have a need for that kind of thing. You see, people who want that kind of stuff are either very peculiar, or are having mental issues. That sort of mental instability and chasing yet another emotional or sexual thrill cannot possibly reflect a healthy mind.

I know for example that my libido increases when I’m miserable and lowers when I’m happier. I think people need to base their lives on Psychology and Science, not just wishful thinking. Because in fantasy everybody is happy, since everybody is playing a role in your masquerade. But in reality, people have different personalities than the characters in your masturbatory mental scenario … and it’s bound to end up ugly most of the times.

I think people are finding stupid solutions to a problem that is very real. The problem is that relationships are often forced, people’s quality has decreased a lot in the last decades, people are unreliable and unstable themselves, but expect from others to be stable. So I think people will need to be more open to the possibility that their boyfriend/girlfriend will leave them and feel less hurt about it, but turning the Earth in some ridiculous orgy is not the solution.

It’s been tried before and aside from spreading STDs and negative emotions, desensitizing the individuals involved, shifting values and muffling creativity … it hasn’t achieved much.

I’m actually pretty open minded to the whole situation, just not so open minded that I can see my partner happy with someone else.

I hate open Relationship

Now, giving you some baseless reasons for “Reasons I hate Open Relationships”

1) Communication & Balance in Open Relationship

Being in an open relationship means you have to be willing and able to share everything with your partner. Now this works great if I’ve to communicate with myself in front of the mirror but In real life, it’s too hard to communicate with your partner with honesty everytime. This means that the risk of being hurt is multiplied tenfold.

Even if you are completely truthful about everything that is happening around but you’ll suffer in many ways. One can be more real than the other and other may start hiding something…. blah blah it’s complicated.

2) Most men can’t handle an open relationship

Men may love the idea of an open relationship. The idea of sleeping with multiple women while still being in a loving relationship ticks all the boxes of a good life.

However, there is one downside for men to an open relationship that quickly becomes apparent: Men can’t handle it.

If a man is sleeping with multiple women, then she’s just as likely to be sleeping with multiple men. Now, this objection doesn’t come from a place of double standards or discrimination. If a man can do it, then all power to the woman. What it boils down to is basic biology.

It claims that men have a biological drive to feel needed, to feel essential, and to provide for the woman he cares about. The hero instinct speaks to the built in desire men posses for something in life that goes beyond sex and even love.

3. Meaning in Relationship

For a relationship to be successful, it must give men a sense of meaning and purpose. That you genuinely want and need to have him around. And that he’s providing something essential to you that no one else can.

The fact that you’re being intimate with other men means that he’s not providing you anything that no one else is. He’s not indispensable to you.

+ This do not applies to everyone, mind you. Men can still f*** 300 girls in 150 days and not worry about who’s next for 150 days.

3) New vs. old

Finding someone and coming in Open Relationship may seem easy for most of us but it’s hard to continue in it. Chances are you’ll end up ruining it or feeling jealous of each other.

You’ll likely meet some fantastic new people, and it will be exciting. But it’s rare to find someone you can create genuine intimacy with.

Creating intimacy can be harder than it seems, especially if partners are only focused on the sex of it all.

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4) Feelings in Open relationship & You might become jealous

You need to be honest with yourself, you can try it for some time and if it suits you, it’s fine but if it’s ruining your peace? Please be honest with yourself.

You can’t get into an open relationship just to please your partner. Feelings of resentment are bound to boil up and it can only end one way.

If you are doing this to keep your relationship alive, consider letting it die. If you are not enough now, you’ll never be.

Jealousy in Open Relation, part:

You can tell yourself that this is a good idea, but before long, you might find yourself being jealous of the person your partner is sleeping with.

You might even find yourself on the receiving end of that jealousy. Few relationships are strong enough to weather that kind of storm. Perhaps you and your partner are feeling jealous because you have genuine feelings for each-other or other way round.

5) Basic Reason behind why many people don’t like the Idea of Open Relationship

I’ve seen three over-arching reasons people object to open relationships in theory:

Morality – they simply believe non-monogamy is unethical or immoral.

Impossible – the believe in monogamy like they believe in gravity, it is a law of nature and anyone who tries to deny it better have good medical coverage (or mental health coverage, as the case may be) for when their experiment inevitably fails.

Insecurity – they can’t handle the idea of their partner having sex with someone else, and can’t understand how anyone else can be okay with the idea.

6) Social Environment plays a important role

Social Environment works fine where society openly accepts it. Open Relationship may end in an environment where knowledge of this relationship isn’t socially damaging.

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