10 Reasons Why I hate people

I hate people

It is wisely said, ‘You don’t see the world as it is. You see the world as you are.

It is for this reason that the same world looks so different to everyone. There are people who love this world and there are people who hate the world. Their perception is different not because the world is good or bad but because what they are good or bad. However, most people try to correct the world instead of correcting themselves where the fault lies.

If you hate everyone in the world, it means that you do not like the world as it is and the people don’t like what you are. It means that you believe that the people should be different than what they actually are. You try to tell them their faults or try to correct them using all means at your disposal. When you fail to do so, you start hating them for what they are.

Instead, you must try to understand the people as they are. When you develop proper understanding of people, you will stop hating them because you will also understand why someone is what he or she is.

Hatred is the result of misunderstanding for which you are only responsible.
Confucius advised us: “It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.

Don’t try the easy route of hatred.

Understand people and see your hatred getting vanished in thin air.

by Awdhesh Singh https://qr.ae/pGYLmI

I appreciate him for putting this in a positive way and yeah that’s true, the positive yet hopeful way of looking at people but….

I hate people

I hate people who keep honking in traffic jam.

I hate people because people are selfish

I hate people for driving rash on roads

I hate rich people who do not care about poor

I hate poor people for not woking hard and living on the mercy of rich people

I hate people who say iPhones are better than Android

I hate people when people showoff their Macbooks when all they do is browsing.

I hate people for showing off things

I hate people for destroying cakes on their birthday

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