I Hate chocolate people tbh

I Hate chocolate people, my friend hates chocolate people and that’s all what matters to me right now.

I hope you’ve seen my famous friend Explaining “How he changed a chocolate people life”

I’m pretty sure you already know about this..

I Hate chocolate people because..

1. Idk why but the Idea of chocolate just ignites the hot lava inside me, my brains starts to boil and body starts sweating.

2. I know right!!! I was born to hate chocolate. When I was little I had first bite of chocolate and I already dislikeed it. I couldn’t stand the smell. My friends chewing chocolate or any chocolate flavoured thing, I would walk away. I can smell very little chocolate on food while the others don’t smell anything.

3. When people asking why I hate chocolate I don’t know how to answer. I can have some white chocolate but I don’t like them.

I don’t like coffee either. I can drink little if offered but I’d never buy it.

I was not anti-chocolate by birth….

There was a time when I was so mad for chocolates, eat them every minute. But now the thing is just gone, maybe I matured so early

I just hate chocolate soo much that I even hate the smell, I can take a small bite of white chocolate but thats it. I eat candy but other than that I hate all chocolate substances like chocolate- ice cream, milkshake, brownies, every thing.

and the worst part is telling people you hate that stuff coz nobody believes you. lol.

Once I tried a Dark-Chocolate as my friend requested and immediately vomited that out intentionally because that was too bitter to eat. At the same moment I could not digest seeing my friend enjoying that same chocolate. I was like “what the hell”.

For me:

Chocolate – NO

Chocolate Cake – BIG NO

Chocolate Ice cream – BIG BIG NO

Dark Chocolate – BIG BIG BIG NO

So, you are not alone.

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