10 Reasons I Hate going to School

I hate going to School

I Hate going to School because they teach you ‘How to get a Job so that you can Earn money’ but what I wonder is why they can’t Teach us How to Earn money instead.

It’d be easier for all of us to skip studying Chemistry while I want to be a lawyer or Skip solving Trigonometry when I want to be a Priest.

Keep scrolling while I destroy school below..

School was engineered to destroy children.

Over the centuries, the need of the rich for a compliant work force, the need of governments for a submissive populace, the fear of freedom of the masses by our rulers, and the sheer hatred of children by those in power have formed what schools are today.

Obey. Conform. Consume. These are the core teachings.

“I want a nation of workers [slaves], not thinkers.” – Henry Ford -designer of schools clearly states what he meant by setting up schools.

I hate going to School

It was the little things that made it unbearable. Sitting confined in those desks, unable to stand or move around until the next buzzer sounded, usually waiting for that final time to come back home.


10 Reasons I Hate going to School

1. Waking up early – I get up at 5:45 am in the morning which I don’t want to.

2. Some classes give tests everyday – and that too those aimless tests without any reason. Staying up late to study for things and tests.

3. The amount of homework they give – Some teachers give 7 hrs of homework like all we do is study whole day.

4. The drama that is involved with school – That whole drama of dealing with other peers, politics of the school, peer pressure etc.

5. Teachers that don’t like the students – Some are teachers fav and some do not.

6. Bad Teachers Teachers that only became a teacher because it was “easy,” and they got three months off during the summer. All they do is make you bore whole class and give tons of homework.

The fact that the lesson had only 5 minutes of material but that so-called “teacher” dragged it out to a full hour was utterly belittling.

7. Gross school lunches – My school offered lunch and it was okay but some friends find it gross. So it depends.

8. Everybody expecting you to get all A’s when school is designed for students to fail.

9. Some students get bullied – The sheer meanness of the bullies, student and teacher alike.

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10. Presenting in front of your class – Some people just have a hard time in school, being organized and the like. Group work, some students are introverted.

11. It’s no longer fun – It becomes like a job from 9 to 5 which keeps on repeating every day like they’re training us to do jobs in future.

We wake up freakishly early. as teenagers, our brains are literally not ready to think at 7 am. our circadian rhythms are different than adults and little kids, which is why we stay up late and sleep in. We aren’t LAZY, we sleep the same amount, we just do it at a different time. But for school, we are forced to wake up, when our brains are being programmed to sleep more.

We sit in our chairs and listen to someone talk at us for 7 hours straight. What ISNT depressing about that? We’ve had the same school system since the industrial revolution, where kids were basically taught to go into factories. Luckily theres more research coming out about hands-on-learning and stuff like that.

After suffering through the day, we come home, sit at another desk, and do more work for three more hours. We already spent so much time learning stuff, and now we have to do more. Its exhausting, and its impractical.

On top of the physical and academic hardships, we have to deal with the ridiculous amounts of social problems and drama. In high school this improves significantly from middle school, but god if it isn’t still there. Our adolescent minds want one thing – acceptance from our peers. even us “weird” kids want that. People stress about who likes who, who’s friends with who, do enough people like them. and that is horrible in its own right.

School is a terrible system. Learning is fantastic, and I love it, but our current school system is so fucked that instead it literally gives us all clinical depression.

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