Why do older men like me? & I hate that

I hate older men

Why do older men like me? I always wonder… so I’ve put up this for you If you’re feeling same.

Many older people like to date people in their 20’s because well men and women in their 20s looks really good. I don’t know what do you exactly mean by older men, older can be 30, 40, 50. Anyway, some older men like younger women because they are chronophilic and they don’t date anyone who isn’t in her 20’s. They are bad news.

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Some older men just want to feel young again by dating a younger women and there are some who happened to click with a youger but mature women. I do get hit on by men a lot older than me and I should warn you that most of them are just agist, peter pen and controlling. However there are good older men too, but you have to vet them carefully if you want to date them.

Why do older men like you?

There must be something about your personality that they find charming and honest . if you were immature liar who is , rude , crude , and obnoxious they probably wouldn’t like you . older people tend to be choosy about who they date , they have already dated a few knuckleheads and may have learned a thing or 2 .

Why to hate older man complimenting you?

Older men who grew up in a time where it was more common to compliment a woman’s looks may be detaching the compliment from any expected outcomes.

In other words, they may just be complimenting you. A man your own age would be less likely to compliment you that way unless he were trying to get your attention.

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This also suggests that a man your age who is involved with someone already is less likely to compliment you than a single man because it could be perceived as infidelity towards his partner. This takes a significant percentage of men your age out of the equation right away, without even getting into issues like self-esteem/confidence and fear of being seen as a harasser.

Men your age are less experienced and more prone to seeing a rejection as a crushing blow.

A lot of men your age have grown up frequently hearing that complimenting women on their looks is sexual harassment. They can’t read your mind to guess how you’ll react to such a compliment.

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So, stop worrying and start living your life as you want to.

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