Why do people drive so fast? – Real Life Answers

Why do people drive so fast

There are several reasons, any or all of which can apply to a given individual. But since people are individuals, it would be shortsighted to apply all reasons to all drivers.

But here are some general reasons (and, of course, people will have their particular reasons, depending on their current circumstances):

Real life Reasons on Why do people drive so fast

  • For fun and thrills. — People simply enjoy the rush they get from moving fast. It’s the same thing that makes people enjoy amusement park rides, sky diving, water skiing, and so forth. Humans like to move. No mystery there.
  • To show off. — “Hey, look at me, and my hot machine!” Enough said.
  • Competitiveness. — Just to be in front of the other guy. (See previous point.)
  • Over-confidence. — This is a big one. People simply think their driving skills are so much better than any and everyone else on the road. It’s also why they text and drive, fumble with their GPS/phone, follow too closely, and do every other stupid thing while driving.
  • Disrespect for the law. — People don’t care that reckless driving (which unnecessary speeding is) is also illegal. They use electronic devices that tell them the police are ahead for the express purpose of unsafe driving. (You only do this once with me as a passenger.)
  • “Ever-body else is doin’ it!” — People have this dumb idea that you have no choice but to continue to speed because everybody else is. Now, I realize this is true—to a point. If you’re merging into 80-mile-an-hour traffic, depending on spacing, you may have to exceed 80 just to get into the flow. But this idea that you must continue doing 80 over long distances or else (as I’ve often been told) “people will run you over” is just plain stupid. Why? Because it assumes people don’t care about their own lives or cars. You can’t “run someone over” in a car without putting yourself, your passengers, and your car in danger. Once I’m in the flow of dangerously-fast traffic, I gradually taper down my speed until I’m at a safe (and legal!) driving speed, using my brake lights judiciously. If there are two lanes or more, I do this in the rightmost lane that’s not an exit lane. If I see someone in my mirrors who seem to be closing on me too fast, I’ll show them some brake lights (flashing, usually) and, if necessary, accelerate into the space I’ve typically left in front of me (something else unsafe drivers fail to do).
  • They’re in a genuine hurry. — For some reason or another, there is a legitimate emergency, or maybe not a life-and-death emergency, but an urgency from their point of view. I think we’ve all been there. Even those annoying “safe drivers” such as yours truly.
  • Anger. — Sometimes people drive faster when they’re angry. I’ve done it myself. The only speeding ticket I’ve gotten in years of driving was when someone had absconded with my small children and I was speeding across town to do something about it. I know many people who would drive faster if you complained about their driving.
  • Fear of road rage. — Yes, these days the world is filled with fools. Some guy is behind you in a monster pickup is right on your tail flashing his headlights, blowing his horn, waving his hands, and mouthing obscenities at you because you’ve offended him by only doing 70 in a 55 mph zone and he wants to do 90, and he looks just like one of these active shooters you’ve seen on TV. Yeah, you might accommodate him for a while. (Of course, these days, you probably have your own Glock on the seat, so that wouldn’t be a concern.)
Why do people drive so fast
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I’m sure I can think of many other reasons people drive “so fast”—and so can you, now that I’ve primed the pump.

First, Why do people drive so fast?

Speeders have a death wish: Nope, they enjoy life.

Second, the right answers for me

Because I enjoy driving and driving faster is more enjoyable than driving slow.

To get to my destination faster. I can shave hours off of a road trip or minutes on my daily commute to work.

Because for me, driving faster is in fact safer. I get bored if I’m driving slow, reaction times are slower, my mind will move to non driving topics. But when I’m driving fast, all of my senses are heightened, the radio will be turned down, I will pay attention to my car and the surroundings with a higher degree of sensitivity.

My idea of what is fast, might not be what your definition of fast is. I’m perfectly comfortable at 95 MPH on the highway but that speed would terrify others. I also make sure that my speed is also based on road conditions, the speed limit doesn’t differentiate.

Why do people hate others who drive so fast?

because they can’t drive fast.

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