I hate everything – from this world to myself

I hate everything

Well lyrics from I hate everything says,

He said, “I hate this bar and I hate to drink,
But on second thought, tonight I think, I hate everything.”

I hate my job
And I hate my life
And if it weren’t for my two kids
I’d hate my ex wife.
I know I should move on and try to start again,
But I just can’t get over her leaving me for him.
Then he shook his head, looked down at his ring, said, “I hate everything.”

Check out Things I hate the most in this world

The truth is we all hate more than we love. Here in this post I am spitting out all the stuff I ate about this fucking world. (If your opinion differs from mine, congratulations—all the more for you.) Things I hate the most _

In food

green beans, boiled onion

mayonnaise not made in Russia

selery, licorice candy, whipped cream from a can

red, yellow and green peppers

chocolate: pastries, cake and ice cream

that indian biryaani

samosas, bread pakodasss

In drinks

tea in bags, instant coffee (that black one)

beer (any kind), flavored beer (cherry, etc.)

tequila, sweet, semi-sweet and white wine, rum

pepsi (thumbs up is love tho)

tomato juice or soup

In day-to-day life

when people wrap the remote control with a plastic cover

when people towel-dry the dishes

when people wet the broom in the toilet bowl

when people brush their teeth with soap

when people don’t put the cap back on the toothpaste

when people empty out the ashtray after every butt

when the ashtray is wet

when people cut their nails over a carpet

when people are irritated by the position of the toilet seat

when people drink beer while walking down the street

when pants have a button fly instead of a zipper

In things

electric kettles


drip coffee machines

food processors (especially hate)


varnished china cabinets

anything Gzhel, Palekh or Khokhloma

In [pop-]culture



Russian romances


Disney characters

special holiday concerts


television plays

opera, operettas and ballet


when the popcorn ends before the pre-movie commercials do

In poetry


In religion


In general

night clubs

dance parties



cocktail parties


In the metaphysical

feng shui



everything that starts with “para-”

In the sky

the sun

the planes

that spaceX rockets (pardon me Elon)

In the city

the people

the market

those big buildings

rich and poor

clean and dirty


On Web and television


Game of Thrones

Sacred Games



the word “elite”

the word “exclusive”

the word “VIP”

the word “Pro”

the word “lite”

the word “war”

the word “army”

In speech

the phrase “in the words of the poet”

what advocates say

what police says

what a businessman says

On women








On the Internet

when a link opens a new browser window without my express permission

when a banner links somewhere other than advertised


ICQ and all IM clients in general

guestbooks (the genre became extinct while I was busy hating it)


SEO and other optimization specialists

“back to the top” links

popups, ads or otherwise

88×31 gifs with advertisements from friends, partners and sponsors

animated gifs

flash animations which just consist of something moving around the screen

I absolutely despise personal home pages and their authors

In computers

Russian keyboard layouts where all the punctuation marks require using the Shift key

when people don’t use the numerical keypad on the right side of the keyboard

the fact that it’s impossible to open a file created a year ago and click “Undo”

the noise of the computer fan

the USB symbol

In email

when people use email templates with pictures

when people copy your entire email in their response, instead of just the specific part they’re responding to

when people leave mailing list footers in their reply

In cellphones

any audible ringtones (especially polyphonic ones)

This list is updated on a regular basis and should in no way be considered complete.

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