Why do I hate Sleeping at night

Why I hate sleeping

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Somniphobia, fear of sleep

Somniphobia causes extreme anxiety and fear around the thought of going to bed. This phobia is also known as hypnophobia, clinophobia, sleep anxiety, or sleep dread.

Why i hate sleeping

Sleep disorders can cause some anxiety around sleeping. If you have insomnia, for example, you might worry throughout the day about being able to sleep that night. Frequently experiencing nightmares or sleep paralysis also contribute to sleep-related worrying.

With somniphobia, as with all phobias, the fear it causes is generally intense enough to affect your daily life, usual activities, and overall well-being.

Health advice: Read More about Fear of Sleep

Now let me tell you about Why I Hate sleeping

1) I study all night because I think I’ll get good job by studying and good job will give me good sleep

2) I am tooo sensitive to noise in environment and it’s calm, quiet at night and this is when my mind is at calm and rest, even though am not asleep. I love staying awake and that’s why I hate sleeping. Hahah

3) Humans spend half of their life sleeping and just Imagine what they can achieve if they don’t sleep at all but life is more imp than achieving something greater. Do not compromise becoming great by skipping sleep. You can be a 3 am person but make sure you sleep for 8 hrs after.

4) I never slept through an alarm. Ever. because, I rarely even have to set one

5) Staying in touch with friends in different time zones is a piece of cake

6) I can waste 10 hours of day sitting on couch, ignoring my friends, doing my work and without thinking anything but when at night I am overjoyed when someone actually texts me back at 4 a.m

7) I do not have to wait whole nigh to eat something coz our meal schedule is just bizzare, I drink or throw 3 cokes while texting at night or whatever.

8) All my best ideas come to me when I know the rest of the city is passed out. Yes it’s true I was doing something at 2 am when this idea of Compiling world’s biggest Hate Magazine came into my mind and HateMag.xyz is a result.

9) I have read way more books and watched WAY more movies than anyone I know and that makes me treat people like fools.

10) When someone complains there isn’t enough time in the
day, all you think is, Uh, yeah there is… there’s enough between 9pm to 6 am.

11) There has legitimately never been a real reason to hate Mondays. Most people hate say they hate Mondays because they have to go back to work and the weekend is over. Well all good things must come to an end right?

And besides if your job is that shitty, that you dread going into work on Monday then it’s time to find a new job that you enjoy going to.

For most people Monday is the beginning of their work week. And that’s exactly what it is, a new beginning! And it’s a new day where you’re alive and not 6 feet under. It’s new opportunities to set goals at work, to set goals for personal improvement, etc

Mondays get a bad rap. If you love the weekend so much and want more time away, then take a vacation if you can.

A great answer on Quora by Scott Terry _____

Wow the answers here…years later…are still baffling. I don’t know why Western Civilization views everything through the lens of trauma and unresolved feelings. It could be because it gives a sense of purpose or maybe this is just a city mindset, idk. It could be a few possible reasons you don’t want to go to sleep.

  1. You love being alive. You’re really excited to work or research on something. Yeah, we know it could wait, but why wait? why not now? I’ve experienced this numerous time throughout my life. It’s true your body gets tired, but the thrill of learning or accomplishing keeps you going. A conquer type mindset.
  2. Dreams don’t interest you, so therefore, sleep doesn’t interest you either, especially if you don’t mind being tired. You’ve been excited about dreams for many years, but eventually they lost their flare. Either you started smoking weed and the dreams started to cease or you really don’t care to dream.
  3. A video game or show on your favorite streaming channel keeps you awake.

Overall it’s about what you value. Going through life, some things are valued more than others at different times. This is okay and is completely expected, you’re growing and changing. It doesn’t mean you’re traumatized, it means you’re growing.

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