Reasons I hate humans – Shocking truth

I hate people -

Humans are amazing, this life is amazing but there exist a class of humans I hate most, Here’re Shocking Reasons I Hate Humans for….

In general, we’re fucking stupid. A minority does amazing things, The trades are essential, farming is magnificent, communication is universal, and the dumbest, poorest people, who have no other pleasure, are fucking stupidly and putting more stones on the scale of self destruction.

I don’t want to rant. I can’t fix stupid with a billion words. I think we’re doomed, unable to correct even he most obvious apocalyptic mistakes.

Standing on a cliff, we’ll look at the sky and take another step.


There’s a saying

You can predict a lot by how someone behaves towards the animals, elderly and children because they’re the most vulnerable of the world”


Reasons I hate humans

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They’re violent, they lie, they can’t stop themselves from cheating on their spouse or significant loved one.

They are rude, they love to spread lies about people they deem less than themselves, and then shrug their shoulders with innocence, even though they’ve just destroyed someone’s reputation with their lies.

They steal, and then try to make up a story to justify it…family members do this to other family members.

They love to bully anyone that they think is too soft or small to stand up to them, and when the smaller guy stands up to them, all the bullies n the room form a group and say things like, “yeah, he’s go ‘little man syndrome’. Yet if you bullied them they’d likely break your jaw.

You share nudes despite knowing that You shouldn’t share nudes, top of that you reveal your identity in them thinking of some truth worthy butterflies you get in your stomach and ultimately you’re fucked after some time. I’m hating you for this… I hate the person who leaks them.

People love to throw their problems on everyone else. Think of the dumb girl who’s told, ‘don’t date him, he’s bad news. There are hundreds of other guys in this town. Date one of them.” Dumb girl doesn’t listen and gets pregnant. Now her new child is the families burden, since the guy is now long gone.

People vote for liars and thugs. They love their own tyranny and cannot stop themselves, even if you yell into their ear at the decible level of a train horn.

People throw ugly people under the bus, or off a glacier, in order to save someone who is more cute. In fact, they’ll sacrifice 200 ugly people in order to save one cute person.

So what good are people to me? Good sex with hot women is all I care about. I could care If I will ever see my brother again. You think I’m jaded? A lost man? I think you are. You are dependent on rotten people for your whole life. I am not. I am what was called a ‘free bird’ back in the 60’s.

I feel sad & I do feel lonely. If I want to communicate with people I text some or I drive.

I date a lot of women because I really do like women, but I don’t like them getting too close because they just make you dependent on them and then they let you down.

I would’ve made a very good mountain man back in the 1800’s. I was born at the wrong time and in the wrong culture.

I hate humans more for

1) I hate humans for the cruelty they show against animals

a) Every 60 seconds, an animal is abused. It’s unconscionable, especially in our supposedly advanced culture, but animal cruelty continues to occur all over the world.

Animal cruelty can take many different forms, as you’ll discover below, but the impact is always the same. A sentient animal capable of love and social relationships experiences pain, fear, and desperation. It needs to stop.

I hate humans
Stray kitten – hatemag

This is the image of four phillipino teens killing a stray kitten with a piece of wood stick. Where the kitty is completely helpless and was screaming for help through the whole time. Alas! The cry for help couldn’t melt the heart of those four young individuals.

b) Pregnant elephant was killed in Kerala, India with firecrackers. After eating the firecracker inside the watermelon half of the elephant’s jaw broke off. To suthe her baby and herself she jumped in to the water and remained there for two days finally exhaling her last breathe. Forest police tried to help her to come in the grounds but the damage was done she couldn’t trust humans again.

2. I hate humans for fighting wars, why every nation invests so much in defence.

Syrian refugee child begging on the street of Istanbul, Turkey for some food while her mother and two sisters was killed by bombs on the streets of Syria infront of her own eyes.

i hate humans

3. The human mind basically makes protecting the self ‘I’ the most important priority.

If my physical and emotional areas are invaded, I can’t stand it, and there is an attitude that rejects someone who is different from me. In a way, all living things are programmed to be wary of opponents of a different form than themselves.

I wish there were more people who were awake. In this chaotic world, people who can look back on their minds a little bit and tell them not to fall into the blind spots of black-and-white logic, and to stop discriminating between you and me. People who reflect on what I’m doing wrong and don’t blame others. People who know how to see the world beyond the world without being obsessed with what they see and what they desire.

I am close to a dreamer who believes that a day will come when all borders disappear from the world, but I dream of such a small dream. On the day when ‘hate’ and ‘hatred’ disappear from our hearts; I imagine that real “Heaven” will come true.

4. Everyone is selfish and you need to be one, because selflove is not not selfish.

Here’s the brutal and honest truth. Most people are scum who will screw you over in time. They aren’t worth liking, let alone loving. You can forget about trusting. Never give a girlfriend or boyfriend the key to your house, apartment or heart.

Think of yourself as number one and don’t be concerned about number two. If you treat yourself like the best, most important person alive, you’ll have a happy content life and likely have plenty of money. There are countless tree-huggers and dolphin-kissers out there.

I NEVER said be unkind, or mean, or nasty, or rude, or crude, or unfriendly, or impolite, or ignorant so don’t read that shit into my statement.


Be a nice person but place yourself above all.

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