I hate Instagram Reels & 5 Reasons Why?

i Hate instagram

I Hate Instagram Reels – the shameless clone of tiktok. I Hate Reels because it destroyed the charm of our beloved Instagram.

That age old Instagram when we used to like artistic pictures uploaded by creative people and It used to be our happy place, that age old Instagram when it was too difficult to send a message on Instagram – all we used to do was just hit that 🖤 and it used to mean alot back then.

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Reels was launched by Instagram to get attention but I think it made Instagram’s already confusing Explorer Page more messed up.

There are a million reasons why Instagram Reels feels dumb-stale to users and I think the root of the problem is this: Almost all the content is useless – from blue verified ones or some random assholes showing off their asses.

[ “Blue checks” is a sort-of derogatory term for people who are “verified” on social media, the caste of celebrities and aspiring celebrities and not-at-all celebrities ]

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It’s now filled with endless amounts of hate, toxicity and even extreme cyber bullying, and what makes this even worse is that Tiktok is filled with mostly teen creators, who are made the prime targets of bullying caused by herd mentality. It seems that Tiktok is a reflection of this current generation, where people are expected to fit into a mould that is seen to be ‘correct’, forcing a limited freedom of expression and creating barriers, liming the thinking of users. ]

same applies to Instagram, I’ll tell you why

I hate Instagram
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Instagram started as a Photo camera app and the app allowed users to share square shaped pictures onto their profiles. Users were also able to edit their images with a selection of filters including, X-Pro II, Earlybird, 1975 and more, which was the key difference to other media sharing apps. After just 2 months from launch, the app had over 1million active users, with more joining by the day.

There was a originality in Instagram’s concept and then oneday Facebook bought Instagram and f**** it up. I’ll tell you why?

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Reels sucks, how do I get these people off my explore page?

I hate Instagram Reels because

1) It’s not original and it’s the shameless clone of tiktok, launched by Instagram to get attention but I think it made Instagram’s already confusing Explorer Page more messed up.

2) Its full of fake people and their fakeness (trying to show – what they’re not)

3) It would try to shove you all these girls with exposed skin, these flight attendants with bikinis and fitness narcissist girls down my feed so I get tricked into spending more time into the app or to follow these skanks. It’s the corporations agenda to keep us dumb by giving us useless content.

4) I hate the fact that everytime I open the app, I’d see narcissistic attention seeking psychos twerking, seducing or what not! come one we have Pornhub for that right.

5) I left using facebook because it’s algorithm changed and all my page reach reach was getting limited day by day & it was showing me irrelevant stuff when all I wanted to see was What my friends are doing?

6) Algorithm of Instagram Reels is so weird – It’ll keep showing you reels having the same sound again n again

The original video uploaded by a creator may get for example 1 Million views but the chances are some fake account will upload the exact reel & get 10 Million likes. Why?

7) So you copied tiktok and made Instagram reels – Now stop copying everything from tiktok. I mean we do not need duet feature on Reels.

Guess what? Facebook did same to Instagram & f***d it up

I hate Instagram Reels for all reasons Why I hate Tiktok?

But the quality of humanity is going down everyday. We are becoming dumber and dumber everyday. There are males that glorify these females and would send them money for no reason just so they can get a shout out. Just pathetic. Reels is no different. Actually even worse. So the choice is yours truly. Do you want follow a bunch of females dancing for attention in their spandex? Or do you want learn a valuable knowledge that adds value to your life?

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