30 Reasons I hate Tiktok and you should too

i hate tiktok

You’ve probably heard of Tiktok, a trending social media app where people can make and share their own videos on the platform. It’s entertaining, fun and addictive, but recently I’ve noticed that the platform has changed. It’s now filled with endless amounts of hate, toxicity and even extreme cyber bullying, and what makes this even worse is that Tiktok is filled with mostly teen creators, who are made the prime targets of bullying caused by herd mentality. It seems that Tiktok is a reflection of this current generation, where people are expected to fit into a mould that is seen to be ‘correct’, forcing a limited freedom of expression and creating barriers by gate keeping almost everything from bandanas to anime.

I hate tiktok because

Its full of fake people and their fakeness

It would try to shove you all these girls with exposed skin, these flight attendants with bikinis and fitness narcissist girls down my feed so I get tricked into spending more time into the app or to follow these skanks. It’s the corporations agenda to keep us dumb by giving us useless content.

I hate tiktok because it took away that work hard to get famous, now its get naked to be famous or drop smth cringe to be famous.

I hate the fact that everytime I open the app, I’d see narcissistic attention seeking psychos twerking, seducing or what not! come one we have Pornhub for that right.

Back in the day, a person actually had a talent and was famous because of the talent or skills he or she had. Now with social media, everyone can pretend to be famous. They think they’re on TV, see, only famous people could be on TV back then, but now Adele and you can both have the same platform, except she has millions of followers for her voice on tik tok or Instagram and you are famous for showing your skin or your leggings booty workout, no wonder why you have thousands of thirsty men following you. SInce when men cared so much about women doing butt workouts? It’s nothing but a distraction and adds no value besides a quick release of dopamine. Hate you tiktok

People follow things blindly. It’s a human flaw. It’s easy to grab attention on tiktok and people hope their videos get viral and they become overnight sensation.

The target audience of Tiktok are the people who want to get famous, liked by everyone, things like that. This is the reason why pre-teens and teens are CRAZY about making tiktoks. They see the followers & likes of TikTok stars and now they want it too.

The main problem I have with TikTok is that it turns regular life into a performance. To where it glorifies entertainment to Infinite Jest levels of absurdity, and causes people to look at every single one of life’s occurrences or interactions as a videobyte to be mined for an audience.

I hate tiktok due to the fact that it has ruined SO many beautiful songs. Stop ruining these beautiful songs with your Tiktok videos.

This is TikTok’s biggest viral video of the year. It’s about 10-seconds long, and all this woman does is make some faces, and slightly bob her head to a song that sounds like teenage pregnancy and poor life choices

I’m not a boomer. I’m not even 30. But the fact that this sort of thing is as popular as it is both confounds and disturbs me.

Call me old fashioned, but I think internet virality should be reserved for those who actually put some effort in what they do. If it’s like a video where you’re dancing to a K-pop song while showing lots of skin, sure.

Doing impressions of anime/Rick & Morty characters, why not.

A prank/”dare” video that ends with your testicles being permanently damaged, or a self harm video where you drink bleach or cut yourself with a razor blade, then absolutely, and all these types of videos do exist in abundance on the platform.

But going viral simply because of a conventionally attractive face, and having a pulse…this is why I avoid talking to people.

But the quality of humanity is going down everyday. We are becoming dumber and dumber everyday. There are males that glorify these females and would send them money for no reason just so they can get a shout out. Just pathetic. Tik tok is no different. Actually even worse. So the choice is yours truly. Do you want follow a bunch of females dancing for attention in their spandex? Or do you want learn a valuable knowledge that adds value to your life?

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