Why do I Hate my voice & Do it Really Matters

I hate my voice and I know you hate yours too, that’s the reason you’re here. Welcome to Ocean of HateMag and scroll through Why do I Hate my voice & Do it Really Matters

I recall reading somewhere that one of the main reasons people notice think their voice sounds strange when you play a recording of it back to them is that the sound of t

heir voice isn’t accompanied by the vibrations in their throat and head in general because they are not hearing it as they truly hear it. The recording doesn’t have the vibrations they feel in their head/ears as they vocalize the sounds, so when they hear it played back to them they can’t help but find it strange and lacking.

As for why people may not like their personal looks or voices…i think it is in large part due to how they perceive themselves.

Lest take voice for example. When I am silently reading a book the voice in my head “speaking” the words as I read is not the same one I use to speak aloud. My inner voice “sounds” different. I cant describe it…that doesn’t mean I read to my self with a, say, deep Russian accent (that would be cool though), it just sounds…different.

This could, in part, be explained by a concept brought up by the Matrix-1999:

In the matrix, a movie who’s plot is way to complicated to explain here, there is a concept know as “residual self image.” I will leave a link to a source for this below, but what it basically means is that the way a person appears physically and the way they may perceive them self might differ greatly.

Most people are okay with how they perceive them selves, but they know that everyone else does not see them as they see them selves and that bothers them; It bothers them because they feel they might be misunderstood or judged in some way. The type of people who are really bothered by this can spend a lot of time worrying about what others might be thinking of them. If the smiles of those that see them are not really sincere, or the compliments they receive might not be genuine.

What everything boils down to is this: the people who don’t like how they look or sound may or may not have come to accept and be comfortable with themselves, but they are greatly concerned that others wont be.

Do it Really matters? Hating or loving your voice

Well, I have no complaints about my voice, for it has all the necessary characteristics to help express myself efficiently. It is what makes me who I am.

Except when I hear my own voice on recorder. Oh my… It is horrible, whiny and garbled. I cannot believe it’s me.

So If you’ve talked to me on phone or voice chat,

I bow to you and heartily apologize for withstanding the torture without rubbing it on my face. 🙂

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