Why BTS is Famous – All the Wrong Reasons

Why BTS is Famous

I already wrote 10 Reasons I Hate BTS and BTS fans and it was a Huge Hit. Read it here.

BTS is famous because they look amazing & their lyrics are really empowering. Fans relate to it so much because it started off with them talking about social-political stuff like the Asian society’s ruthless focus on education and then breaking the cookie-cutter mold to find success by embarking on other unconventional routes. Then they talked about following your dreams, growing pains, working very hard while others play and party, to keep pushing through and even running through fire if you have to in order to achieve your goals. 

If you’re a BTS fan you can Exit now because you’ve already read what you wanted to Read.

I have provided links and proof to validate everything I write here. This is gonna be long but trust me you’re gonna love it if you don’t like BTS.

All the Wrongs Reasons for Why BTS is Famous?

You can leave with a smile because this is really gonna piss you off.

I hate bts reasons

1) Music isn’t the reason why they are famous.

The reason is “LOOKS” and “ASIAN TRENDS”. They make very generic and common music. There are millions of artists like them who make the same kind of but they don’t get better. There are also a ton of artists better than them in terms of music. Take for example Illenium, Neovaii, I could go one forever. But they don’t get famous. Why? Because they don’t possess the kind of “LOOKS” that are considered trendy nowadays (in my opinion Illenium looks far far better than these 7 BTS members but it’s a very simplistic look. Not a face flooded with face powder and lipstick).

2) Fans who follow them Blindly & understand Nothing

Basically most people that are their fans don’t even know Korean and judge the song based on subtitles so I am not even gonna include a lame point like “their music is good” to defend them (btw when did we start reading subtitles for a song? This generation of kids are literally so cringey they make me laugh hard).

Cause honestly someone who has listened to Linkin Park, Megadeth, Sickick, Skrillex and Skillet (and a hundred more musicians that these kpop fans haven’t even heard of) from the childhood will basically say BTS makes trash music.

3) Their music is really bad and generic and so unoriginal that I can write a book on them.

The same old 4 bar chords, the same old boring repetitive melodies. The same old lyrics all about being weak and asking for sympathy.

4) BTS is insecure about their Identity

I’d enjoy it tbh if their lyrics were about being a badass but here we go with 90% of the songs making boys look weak and grown-ass group of men who act and dress and dance like a fetus. They don’t even make their own music.

They hire and pay music producers who they don’t even credit. All they can do is “sing and dance”. A group made of seven people and all of them are singers and dancers? Like come on when we had bands, one would play the drums, the other one would take up a guitar, the other one with a piano, and then there’s a lead singer.

But this is just next level & that’s why 10 Reasons I Hate BTS and BTS fans

BTS also openly steals, copies and plagiarizes other music actively. I have included links and proof.

Proof Here: https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2017/03/26/bts-plagiarism-rap-monster-kpop/

Their English is horrible. They cannot even pronounce words properly. I’m not saying it’s a flaw that they don’t know English. But since so many people are trolled, hated and made fun of for English (especially Indians, the hate against them just for their English is next level). So Koreans shouldn’t be spared too right? They are big-time racists as well. Correct me if I am wrong but Namjoon (the leader of BTS) openly criticized black people and insulted them and got called out for being a racist. (Video proof provided)

5) An Eye on their Fanbase – 90% of the fans are girls and boys who are girly.

The main fact that is hard to accept about why they are so popular is – Because 90% of the fans are girls and boys who are girly.

K-pop fans are also awfully racist. You bet they worship fair skin and I can actually guarantee on a 100% basis that BTS would have been trolled if they were black. Why? Because these kids think fair skin is superior. The whole idea of the K-pop industry is “LOOKS” not “MUSIC”, get that in your brains first. (Links and proof provided)

Source: Buzzfeed Read Here

6) Truth about Racism & that’s disgusting

Through research I’ve come to know that Koreans are extremely judgemental and racist and the entire country of South Korea judges people by looks. You cannot even get a job there if the people think you’re not good-looking (this is the truth go search it up if you don’t believe me).

Read HuffPost Article: Are you Pretty enough to Live in S Korea?

The first gift a South Korean would receive on graduation is not a bike/computer. They would get “Plastic Surgeries” as their present from their parents. So you see where these people and the mindset “LOOKS ARE EVERYTHING” are coming from? An entire ancient civilization where looks are still the top priority. For god’s sake it’s 2022 already.

7) Their music attracts the people who know nothing about the music – “Only for the people who listen anything not knowing what are they listening to”

I’m not being sexist but the kind of music they make can never be liked by people who like aggressive music. And to be honest they are popular cause they look girly, gay and fragile (as we know it that most girls nowadays die for fem boys). I will not call them handsome cause they look like girls. So judging on the crazy amount of fans this is the true reason why they are so famous.

Sure some people like them for their music but the majority likes them for the same reason they like Justin Bieber. Got what my point is? Peace. Most teen girls have trash music taste like they listen to Justin Bieber. But they like him because of his looks. I’ve never met a girl over 23 years of age who likes BTS. Basically that shit’s for kids.

Here’s a Report by CNN you can watch on : How BTS Became the Biggest Boy Band in America

BTS became the Biggest Boy Band in America in so less time, It piqued my curiosity that an all Korean boy group with only one English speaking member, is now the biggest boyband in the world, breaking the Beatles record with 3 no 1 billboard albums in less than a year. They have also surpassed Taylor Swift and U2 with sold out concerts at the Los Angeles Rose Bowl, breaking the record of having the most revenue earned at that location.

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