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Yes, I hate online classes and keep reading If you Hate them too

I hate online classes. and i mean it from the bottom of my heart.

The year 2020 brought a pandemic lockdown of Coronavirus with it. People were confined to the four walls of their house. Businesses, malls, offices, schools were shut to curb the possibility of virus spread. The only feasible way of learning left is online or virtual. As a result, the teachers started imparting education remotely on virtual platforms of zoom, Google meet, etc.

This sudden change is not taken so well by the student-community. They feel that online learning is non-interactive and impersonal. This article presents the reasons why students hate online classes during the pandemic lockdown. It will give insight to the teachers of genuine reasons for students disliking online classes.

It’s been 212 days since the quarantine started. I wasn’t at home every single hour of it, but the amount of time spent indoors is substantial. I don’t hate online learning, it’s great, with so many platforms to choose from you can learn anything. The problem here is in an online school.

No, I don’t want to go to school during these times, but I don’t want to sit on Zoom calls for 3–4 hours neither. I feel like this is destroying me, I hope that we will manage to live our normal lives someday, but right now let’s talk about the school on Zoom. As a student, I just want to share my opinion on this.


Firstly, classes are so boring, that I cannot concentrate on anything. Mine and my peers’ attention spans have shortened so much during quarantine, that it requires an incredible amount of energy and willpower to listen to teachers.

Too easy

It’s too easy to skip lessons, it’s too easy to cheat, it’s too easy not to listen. Why do students need to pay attention to the lesson if they can turn off the camera, open their phones, and play? When an exam comes, it’s easier than ever to google or copy someone else’s answers.

Distance learning struck a lot of students with the question: “Do I really need school?”. Studying a lot of things at the same time won’t get us anywhere. Maybe if I can’t get myself out of my bed in order to open up a Zoom class, I just don’t like the lesson? Why am I even learning this? Why can’t I just enjoy something else?


Why should I listen to the teacher? I don’t even like this subject, I can copy the answers to the final quiz anyway. You can’t just give us something you’ve been giving us for years here. we won’t do this until you give us a reason.

The education system simply doesn’t offer anything interesting to the students. Teachers are the ones who need to make it interesting, which doesn’t work.

The only way to make online education worth it is to make the lessons about something students enjoy. You can’t give us basic exercises that we’ve been doing for five years, but via video call, while we have phones in our pockets and other tabs open.

Recently I’ve spent 4 hours on a small project for our English lesson. The only reason why I did that, is because I could choose any topic I want, and write about it.

Such exercises can actually be very effective for some students, so I think that in order to make online education more interesting, we have to do more creative tasks and have a choice, so we don’t feel like we have to do what others want us to do.

They had a whole summer to do something about online education, but what the hell did they do?

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I hope that online education will open their eyes to a lot of students around the world and show them the truth about their school system. But for now,

I can’t do this.

Reasons Why Students Hate online Classes during Corona Lockdown

1. Social Disconnect

For the last 9 months, children are cloistered in their homes with no friends and no social interactions. This sudden change has brought a change in the personality of children of all age groups. They barely concentrate on their assignments and online classes .

2. Internet Issues

Internet facilities in developing countries like India are poor. Rural areas still have either no internet connectivity or low connectivity. For online learning, the students need higher bandwidth to the devices. There should be consistent connectivity without any break for the online classes.

3. Device Issues

If the student has other siblings taking online classes, separate devices for each one is required. If their parents are also working, managing work-from-home is another problem to arrange the devices.

It’s not easy to learn every subject through small screens of mobiles. Small device poses another challenge to the child and his parents.

4. Lack of Technical Knowledge

5. No Teacher-Student Eye Contact

6.  More Screen Timings

Continuous online classes followed by online assignments and projects increase the screen timings. This stresses the eyes and mind as well. The students find it difficult to engage themselves in online classes for a longer time.

8. Peer Disturbance

While online class is in progress, some students indulge in personal chats with other students. Some students disturb the teacher with irrelevant questions and behavior. It shifts the focus of the teacher from other students.

9. Inefficient Online-Classroom Management of Teachers

The outburst of Covid-19 compelled the sudden lockdown giving no chance to the teachers or the educational institutions for teachers’ training. Many teachers in urban and rural areas never used digital teaching aids ever in their teaching profession. In lockdown situations, they are compelled to use gadgets and digital teaching aids. Their trial and error method goes unsuccessful sometimes.

Schools and colleges are teaching the syllabus which is designed for physical school and not for the virtual screen. Ineffective teaching makes the students uninterested and impassive in the class.

10. Excessive Family Time

Due to lockdown, the students have to be with the parents 24*7 at home. Anything which is in excess defeats the real essence. The parents fail to give quality time to their kids.

11. Pandemic Stress

People enjoyed the initial days of lockdown but as days passed by, enjoyment is now replaced by stress. The small size of a house, too many members, financial crunches, fear of the virus, lack of social meetings with friends and colleagues are the reasons for pandemic pressure. The students of all age groups have been directly or indirectly affected by this stress. Children witness hot discussions and violence in the family due to the stress their parents undergo. In such circumstances, the children find no one to share their problems with. They find the online classes monotonous under the intensified mental state.

Attending online classes is a rabbit hole for most of the students. The problems of online classes in India are the same. They get distracted and disoriented to other sites. The online classes are the results of abrupt changes of coronavirus lockdown. The students were not prepared for this new normal. They face technical and psychological problems. The reasons cited here will help the teachers and the parents to understand the difficulties of the students in online education. 

It is difficult for the teachers to maintain the on-screen attention span of the students. They easily get distracted and diverted to other sites of their interest like social media.

The problems of online classes in India are the students, especially young children and those living in interior parts of the country do not have the technical knowledge to operate the device to join the online classes. To log into the online class itself is a monumental and difficult task. A small but ignorantly pressed button make them to leave the class. Sudden operational issues also create disruptions .

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