What is pervert & Is it wrong to be pervert?

is it wrong to be pervert?

pervert ; a person whose sexual behavior is considered strange and unpleasant by most people): for example – Stop looking down my dress, you perv.



a person whose sexual behaviour is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable.

Is perv a bad word?

Is perv a bad word? The word ‘perversion’ as used in the sexual frame of reference in question always carries a negative meaning when used to describe somebody or some action, because the word is only used in earnest by someone expressing their strong disapproval of the associated actions.

Is it wrong to be pervert? Lets find

The real question with perversion is not whether it’s a sin or not, the real question is who decides what is abnormal or unacceptable. What is acceptable in India may not be acceptable in Brazil, China or France.

What is unacceptable today could have been the norm in the middle ages. I’m not sure if it’s a sin or not. I don’t really buy into the whole idea of sin and hell.

There surely is good and bad, moral and immoral. As long as its not illegal or immoral, but safe and comfortable for everyone involved, go ahead with whatever floats your boat!

It depends on the behavior. What some consider perverted is acceptable to others. Being gay was considered abnormal/perverted for a long time, but is now widely accepted.

However, pedophilia is still considered perverted and unanimously condemned and not likely to change.

Some things that are abnormal are just rare, but some things that are abnormal are wrong/unhealthy. The test may be: Does your thoughts or behavior harm others or yourself? 

If your not sure, get an outside opinion. And by harm, I don’t just mean physically.

If it’s obvious and palpable to people around . You make others uncomfortable .

But being a pervert , having desires , or feeling horny is quite normal otherwise we wouldn’t be here right now .Just a normal biological response. But keep it under control as a sexual offender must have been aroused rampantly out of too much perverted desires .

Being a pervert is okay until..

Being a pervert is okay until… it

  • make you feel medically or spiritually sick
  • lead to felonious criminal behavior
  • get you into social trouble you cannot handle (such as losing your job)
  • motivate you treat other beings as your unwilling victims

It depends on what your definitions of “perverted” and “wrong” are.

tl;dr—Keep it in your head and it’s fine. If it’s non-consensual and you act on it, you’re wrong. Some people may hate you, others are surprisingly tolerant, and there are definitely people out there who get off on the same things you do.

How society, wrong and being a perv is connected?

You have to understand up front that “perversion” depends entirely on the society the person is in. No behavior is intrinsically wrong, because “wrong” is a concept humans invented.

Each society decides what is “wrong.” Almost everyone in the United States, for example, would think a person who performs genital mutilation on a non-consenting woman is a pervert and a criminal. In other countries, such as Egypt, it is a common and legal practice.

That said, the most common usage, and the one I suspect you mean, is that “perverted” means “having unusual or forbidden sexual desires.” I firmly believe that thoughts themselves can’t be wrong—only actions can.

Sexual desire is natural, and we can’t really control what turns us on. You can be perverted, but if it stays in your head, I don’t think it can be considered wrong.

It might cause YOU pain, though, if you feel like you have an ugly secret or believe no one will ever love the real you. Everyone has to deal with that in their own way.

: pervblog.com

Socially, being “perverted” is a different story. Not everyone hates perverts. There’s a growing sex-positive movement that regards any type of sex between consenting adults to be okay. There’s also nothing new under the sun, which is to say that if you have unusual sexual appetites, there are guaranteed to be other people who feel the same way.

There are message boards for people who get turned on by erotic cannibalism, for example, and there’s cannibalism porn (simulated, natch). Whatever you feel, there are people out there who understand you because they feel the same things.

is it wrong to be pervert?

Not everyone is that accepting. Often, if you tell people about it, the reaction is something like, “Oh. Ummm, whatever works, I guess.”

People have a hard time being hurtful to your face. But their opinion of you might be changed, and you might be ostracized as a result. This can be hurtful, even downright dangerous, especially in a professional setting.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about any type of sex at work, unless you have an exceptionally open and tolerant workplace.

That word “consent” is crucial, though. That’s where the distinction between thought and action is paramount.

If your perversion has to do with people whom society says cannot consent—minors, unconscious, disabled—ANY sexual action you perform on them is illegal, and therefore by definition wrong.

Then again, that’s only my society speaking. ( – source: quora)

I know I am a pervert. What do I do now?

There are several meanings of the word pervert.

At times it is OK to be not OK. What bothers you or others is the perversion as such but the individual response generated towards what is perceived as not OK.

Looks like feeling of being pervert does not affect you as much as the possibilities of others’ responses and judgements. Their judgements are perhaps based on their limited perceptions. You may not be able to change what they think of you and how they judge you. However, the day you are hundred percent OK with yourself the situation will start settling in and around you.

My suggestion would be to consult a professional to ensure that what you think is actually a ‘perversion’ and not just a label you have adopted based on others’ judgement.

is it wrong to be pervert?

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