Things Girls Hate about Boys

BOYS are interesting creatures. They can be so adorable and sweet, you don’t even know what to do with them. They can be thoughtful and caring in ways that make you fall so hard, you’re not sure which way is up. Quite simply, it’s in the female nature to love men. 15 Things Girls Hate about Boys

Men and women are clearly very different, however; ladies often want things from men they aren’t willing to give in return.

This is frustrating, Like the saying goes, “A good man is hard to find.”

Reality: Men drive women crazy most of the time — and not in the “You Drive Me Crazy” like you see in movies . I mean you drive me crazy in the “why are you the way you are?” and “why do you think that’s okay?” kind of way.

So many boys do things women not only hate but also don’t understand. So here are 15 things that boys do and girls secretly hate such things:

1. Compliment The Wrong Way

Compliments show appreciation, which is a basic human need. It makes us(girls) feel valued and confident.

Boys, some girls are okay with a polite anonymous compliment. Some aren’t. You probably won’t be able to tell until you try. Just know that if you compliment a girl and she react in a positive way, that’s not an invitation to pester them forever. Don’t follow them around.

How to Give Sincere Compliments ?
Go ahead. Make someone’s day.

  • Link your compliment to something you genuinely feel:
    To give a compliment that really resonates, “The compliment should be authentic,” and connected to values that you personally hold or that you know are important to that person.
  • Be authentic and specific, not hyperbolic:
    That is, “Keep It Sincere and Specific.”

    “Hyperbole or gratuitous praise can cheapen the gesture, making it feel empty and disingenuous. An honest compliment, even if it’s a small one, carries more weight,”
  • Then, think about why you appreciate that quality: The next step is to figure out the reason this quality resonates so strongly with you.
  • Done right, even seemingly superficial compliments can make someone’s day.

2. Try To Solve All Problems by their own

A lot of guys assume that when a woman comes to them with a problem, it’s because she wants a solution. More than likely she just wants to talk. If she specifically asks for help, offer it. If not, she just wants to vent, so be supportive and let her figure it out on her own and help her, rather than controlling the whole situation by your own.

3. Not Get The Hints

Sometimes a girl wants to let you down easy – it’s hard to say no all the time. Beyond that, it should be at least kind of obvious to you when a lady is digging your attention. Read up on body language cues, and if a woman seems to never want to talk to you, she probably doesn’t.

4. Texting to say “What’s up?” and then not responding for whole day

Why did you start a conversation with me if you don’t plan to text me back? And that too when you are not busy i know. If you don’t have time to talk, don’t bother texting me. If you do this, I’ll assume you’re playing some kind of game because overthinking is what i do.

5. Text One Word Replies

Women are just as guilty of this, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying when you do it. If you were standing next to a person, would you reply with a single word every time they spoke to you? I hope not. That’s super weird and frustrating – it’s impossible to get a conversation going. Be a person. Use your words.

6. Assume She’s Mad Because It’s “That Time Of The Month”

Many women do get moody around when they’re having their period. That doesn’t mean all women do, and it doesn’t mean that every time they’re mad, it’s because it’s that time.

And if that’s your go-to line to intentionally aggravate an already furious woman, congratulations: you’re an idiot.

7. Themselves getting mad because we have our periods

It’s not our fault we have to deal with this every month. I think now almost everyone knows like to be the one who is bleeding for five days, trying to reign superior over horrible cramps and an overwhelming desire to stuff your face with chocolate?

So i think instead of getting mad at her or saying anything that can trigger her, because may be she is trying to find a single way to be mad at you….

Just bring her chocolates or pizzas or whatever she likes to eat. For sure u’ll be happy to see her happiness on doing this little thing by you. And why would you not do this, infact if you see any other person (any human) in pain would you not try to make them happy ?

8. Break Promises

Boys, when you say you’ll be there, be there. Same goes for promising to do something. It’s not an impossible standard you’re being held to. It’s common courtesy. And if you have to bail, don’t leave it to the last minute.

Don’t be that guy.

9. Not Talking about your Feelings

Men are not as open as women about how they feel and they tend to bury it down instead of expressing it or dealing with it.

Women really appreciate a man who is not afraid to talk about how he feels, it makes her feel very special to be the only person that knows what’s behind the surface.

10. No Attention to Details

When she does her hair or wears something new, notice that and compliment her. Women get really frustrated when men don’t notice the small things they do especially if it took them a lot of effort/money/guts.

11. Not Making a Move

Some women don’t mind making the first move but if a man doesn’t have the guts to make the next one she’ll be disappointed, especially cause she spurred up the courage to make that first move.

A woman likes to know that you’re serious about her so if she feels that you’re not making any effort she’ll back out not to hurt herself.

12. Lying

And this is a big one. Some men might lie about small things because they think it will upset women. It upsets them even more to know that you’re lying so be honest. Even if she gets mad you can always make it up to her.

13. Zoning out and being a selective listener

Selective listening is a habit that women despise in men. Women feel frustrated and ignored when their guys simply zone out during a conversation that does not interest them.

It’s insulting when a boy has an animated conversation with his partner when they are talking about gadgets or cars but zones out completely when she starts talking about her new hairstyle or something else that’s interesting to her.

14. Making a mess and leaving stuff all over the house

A common cause of arguments between married couples is the man’s messy ways around the house. Coins scattered at different corners of the house, dirty clothes hiding in sneaky corners of the bedroom, and messy bathrooms tend to irritate girls

Girls tend to think of a boy’s messy habits as a direct insult to her and disregard for her efforts to keep the house clean. It should be noted that there is usually one person in the relationship who’s messier than the other—and sometimes it’s the girls.

15. Checking in on her

You know the drill: Drop her off, but wait until she’s inside before driving off. That’s fine—no woman is going to fault you for seeing her safely home. But when you start asking her where she is, or when she’s coming back, even if it’s just because you care about her and are excited to see her, she’ll start getting irritated.

“This is almost always meant to convey interest, caring, and affection” . “But it can read to her as controlling and jealous. Too much attention can feel invasive.”

Bottom line: Unless she asks you to, or you need her immediate expertise on how to put out a kitchen fire (or something), try not to check in on her.

Well this one is nicest thing that a boy can do but sometimes a girl may find it irritating. But don’t worry you can still check upon your girl !! Its for her safety only.

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