Reasons Why Do People Hate Politics?

Why Do People Hate Politics

Why Politics is so much hated amongst a section of people;

The main reason I hear is that people don’t feel any effects of a political change or they feel politics doesn’t affect them.

While another set of people totally decide to ignore what is happening around them. This case applies mainly to the student/youth community to ignore it as they have totally different problems to tackle. They don’t feel connected to it.

The entire situation reminds of a crisis, where a person decides to ignore what all happens around him by sitting at home. He closes the doors and windows of his house. After a few minutes, the power goes. The situation around us is so volatile, that we may ignore it but not run away from it. It affects every part of our life.

Petrol Price, Cooking Gas charge, Electricity supply, Sports, Technology adoption, Education, Jobs, Bussiness Growth etc are all connected to each other and controlled by a single entity- the Government of the country. So how can we assume that you’re not affected by politics?

Obviously, you’re affected but despite that, you choose to unsee what is around you…but why? why are we hesitant to vote? why don’t we read the newspaper or online news? why don’t we appreciate the good work but highlight only the negative? These questions need to be answered.

People hate politics because:

It’s filled with corruption

Religion and Caste in Politics

Lack of choice

Pro-rich politics

Communal Politics

Political Killings

Loss of faith in the system

Silence is not the answer, but silence is obviously better than a bad choice. The silence of ‘good’ is indeed more dangerous and that is not what we want. The youth need to rise up.


Last but not least, Be an Informed and Aware citizen than a political Andh Bhakt. Use the rights you have to bring the change around you. If you don’t look after your own backyard, someone else will.

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