Reasons Why do People Hate Mobile Games

This topic might not so irrelevant as it seems nowadays.

The truth that everything is about the investment time and efforts that you put into a game and play through it to make your own decisions. Gaming is a choice and it will always be how much you spend your time on daily basics for it.

As for the topic in discussion, this is related to the content creativity and system design philosophy follow it.

Back in the day, there was no such Smartphone as such as large gaming community hub rather than a small group of friends or someone in a club side activity afterschool or so on. Everything in here is about the changing of the Internet into people everyday life. Large majority of games back in 2000 didn’t support broadband network and global access for gamers. Things like this all starting from the Internet and spread worldwide as consumers want to find a source of information for their clarification about what type of gaming you are on.

Gaming in general is also related to ethical issues and culture wise aspects.

With three things in working here: interest, demand, and expand.

Things change and they have brought other cultures into your own life on the smaller screen. As for the “hater” part, it is started from actualization and agreement go along when some random people being asked if they are like it or not. It’s a subjective experience and largely influence by something that people are not particularly want to be familiarize in practice.

Mobile in one way or another, it is just an access point to your entertainment space, the value of a game is based on the creativity and how technology can turn them into.

As you might know, all system and platforms can be optimized and customized in every meaningful way to make it work fine with any type of game that you want to play.

If you are not an engineer or a computer designer, the knowledge and access to your entertainment space is limited in that way (basically, people are looking an app and asking about the quality of it to measure both contents and ideology behind without understanding a lot of why these things existed in the first place). Frankly, it is a long short answer on both technical side and cultural social side.

To summarized, I will mention it more in technical way between software and hardware for this.

For PC/console/mobile/argumented virtual (likr VR or AR at this point), software development is binding to business model and creativity of the game designer. A game content has a lot of backside depending on the cost that the developer or the company and what they want for their new IP games be.

The physical cost of the game will be the result for the final product that you will have on that specific device. Then, everything else is on the advertising part for it. Simply, every software apps in this industry is all about how much work done and how well it is received as much as they do with how well the philosophy behind the plan and how to make things more appealing and approachable.

The winning a popularity demand is a success story for any programmers out there.

For technical side across all systems (each system follow a different component listing which will resulted for different purposes in use), mobile is a relative new platform where gaming is just a extensive function to it.

Yes, it is not graphical heavy and the UI control is simple, etc… Alright, the main particular function (expanded) for gaming community and live service support in a mobile device is the chat and connectivity. Not sure if ppl notice but mobile device’s connectivity is the main thing that make it easier to play any game on your phone with a very low data storage requirement. Unlike console and PC, your downloading files are much smaller because the device itself is optimized for receiving data signal on a much lower frequency, in which ideally great for making a live support game where most of the data is stored on the hosting side of your service.

Because of that, you have digital platform game storage which is an advantage to increase your entertainment value. The problem that, software developers usually struggle to figure out a better way to build up their content using the Network version at their office (of sort) and a lot of it coming from database management skills (which is a whole job to learn).

Programming language is used to simplify your workout as a software designer. Most of the time, hardware systems are usually considered relatively unchange, the only things that change (for the most) is where people use it for and how they use it for.

For console and PC, the systems themselves are designed to be heavy graphic, higher CPU usage, performance wise, etc… Overall, they don’t really support any kind of communication inside their own system first build up (as it was not their main function), hence you need external ports and a lot of parts.

Cost is considered a secondary thing when ppl step into engineering department for making a PC or a console. The first thing is how many parts you need for that particular device in use (and it isn’t an easy answer itself).

As for people claimed that PC is an “jack all of trade and it is great!!”, so likely if you are asking how ppl with no computer knowledge or tech enthusiast can use it, there is “probably” really no real answer behind it… Console is likely existed for this particular reason where your demands are focused on gaming only and it also not true that you can’t play a PC game alike on the console or backwards. Large part of a good system is also the design and uniqueness on top of a good business practice for any individual and companies that working into tech support side (not really on the electrical component side like CPU/GPU/Rom/Ram etc)

Anyway, there are a lot of things to explain for this specific topic by scenarios. In most case, just take that social media is the real deal behind it. For something that so small to be a big deal now like mobile gaming market, of course, everything will have negative expectations following it.

In my personal experience, a bad game is simply because the designers are looking into marketing and promotion business related rather than the philosophy of their games. It’s more of a “shallow gaming content creativity” than actual a bad system which “hate” is a modified word towards the needs that isn’t in your necessity and comfortable. In mmo like, these people are usually called “vocal minority”, hate it or not. Assumption as a whole is a bad move and it isn’t going to solve anything by just saying out loud so other ppl can here you throughout the Internet. Guess what, it is why we have Term of Services and Policies of Right and stuff. Overall, this likely a discussion about variety of other similar topics alike.

There are a number of reasons why people hate mobile games.

• The number one reason is the lack of actual proper controls and the fact that you’re essentially covering them with your fingers while playing. It doesn’t matter how well thought out a mobile game’s Ul and control scheme is, it will never feel 100% natural to play an actual proper game on a touchscreen, unless perhaps you’re one of those kids that have been using smart phones and tablets since you were 2 months old and can handle the devices flawlessly. Still though, playing any game with an on screen iovstick will never ever fee the same as with a controller or keyboard and mouse. It’s just simply inferior.

Now, some games, like turn based, city builders, runners, puzzle games, and essentially anything that doesn’t involve you manually moving a character around a 3d environment, don’t necessarily feel bad to play with a touch screen, but those are also barely games for the most part. Turn based games (like hero collectors) are essentially nothing more than pay to win gear grinds with fancy graphics. They’re designed to be addictive, like the gear treadmill in an MMO but without the rest of the game. Runners and the such are just cheaply made non games, meant to entertain bored children for 5 minutes at atime.

All in all. I think mobile devices themselves have to evolve before the games that are on them are worth playing. Flip smart phones are apparently becoming a thing now (that basically unfold into tablets), if those had little physical buttons and a joystick built into them and it became mainstream, that could potentially turn into actual mobile gaming.

• Generally speaking mobile games are low quality. They prey on an ignorant player base to sell things that would never fly in other contexts

Context aside, mobile games are simply limited by the hardware. You cannot have complex control schemes.

You cannot have complex graphics. In any aspect, dedicated devices (consoles) or largely more generic devices (PC) are simply more suited for gaming.

I usually play games on my phone so I don’t hate it.

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• Most mobile games are not really games at all.
While there are some great mobile games with great gameplay and there are plenty of mobile games with average gameplay the vast majority of mobile games consist of poking a couple of things then waiting 4 hours to poke them again.
That is not a game. Many gamers hate having their hobby associated with something that is not even remotely similar.

• In conjunction with not having much gameplay many mobile games are nothing more than pretty looking Skinner boxes 1. They are designed to do nothing but separate people from their money by using as many underhanded tactics as possible. Some of them are pay-to-win where you can not succeed unless you spend money. Some of them are pay-to-wait where the game throws constant time barriers at vou in an attempt to wear you down so that you spend money. Others contain elements of gambling such as loot boxes. The biggest and most successful however are all of the above and the effects that they have on people are disgusting.

• Many of these strategies have now made their way into proper games destroying their gameplay and style so that publisher can squeeze more money out of them. Star War Battlefront 2 had pay-to-win lootboxes in theml2.. Shadow of War’s unique Nemesis system was destroyed for loot boxes [3]. Even though these games cost $60 they still have microtransactions in them because publishers look at the amount of money that mobile games make and they want some of that action.

• Mobile games and their exploitative game design philosophy are often aimed at children due to their poor impulse control and understanding of value. This has the double impact of upsetting parents because it damages their children while also filling the games with children ruining the experience for other players.

• Mobile games love “dishonest” advertising where they use professional actors and pre-rendered videos to advertise games that look nothing like that. It feels like they are treating their audience like idiots.

• Personally my biggest reason for hating mobile games is that the potential that mobile games showed early on has been ruined by people and companies trying to make a quick buck. When mobile gaming was on the rise it had a lot of potential where solo and small development teams could compete in a market that wasn’t already full of uber rich publishers fighting over who had the biggest maps or shiniest graphics.

• It was a market that was driven by creativity and viral successes could come out of nowhere. Now mobile games are nothing but a few successful games and 400 derivatives of each of them. All of the following images are different games but honestly try to really tell them apart.

• The Fact that everyone cant adjust with Mobile Games, its not made for everyone…..

I have only played those casual games (2d), I hate Mobile FPS games because of its limitation, also I personally hate using mobile phone, I use my phone for phone calls, text message, scrolling through insta. I am One handed user, i hate using both of my hands unless its typing. Imagine someone asking to you, come play PUBG.

People say mobile gamers exist because mobiles are cheaper than laptop… But I cant agree to that fact, There are many rich people who play mobile games, people litrelly addict to the game… Mobile games are for suck money from you.

Those rich people say: I dont play Computer games, because my friends are playing mobile game… I bet you, litrelly everyone has atleast one mobile in their home.

Mobile is actually a Hype which leads to addiction.

Yea… thats it

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