Reasons I hate my Mom so much

i hate my mom

My mom told me,

If he bullies you
It means he likes you
You should say thank you
12-year-olds like you
Are too young to know abuse
Why can’t you just fuck boys like a normal girl would?

I fucking hate my mom
I hate my mom
I hate my mom
I hate my mom

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Well my life was not like this and I thank god for this. I do know what it’s like being born in west and having a good mother means. All my friends tell me this but hey I am here to tell you Why I hate my mom for reasons you’re gonna relate to,

I hate my mom

for keeping in inside for almost 9 months

for not washing me in washing machine when I used to poo/pee inside

for tolerating my loud cries

for teaching me how to speak

for teaching me to walk

for sending me to school and coming to pick me up

for making me food to eat

for making my hairstyles I never liked

for applying lot of oil in hairs

for crying when I used to break my leg or arm

for lying to others that ‘I am a good son’

for helping me out selflessly

for waking whole night when I used to stay ill

for slapping my best friend when he made fun of me.

for never letting me play Play station


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