I Hate YoungBoy Lyrics

Say, 10
Let’s hear this shit, Rell (hah, hah)
Horrid, run it up (Lil’ Top)
Fuck playin’ up, ayy, let’s go (nigga, yeah)

“YoungBoy, they gon’ kill you, you better stop dissin’ them”
Tell them niggas, “Fuck ’em, ” and they know that I ain’t scared of them (scared of them)
How you talkin’ shit when nothin’ ain’t died about your cousin’nem? (Cousin, hah, hah)
Quando got no filter, and he say that, they ain’t gon’ fuck wit’ him
Clean up on aisle O (O, O), youngin’ let that chop’ blow
And my brother let that stick blow (stick blow)
Nigga know that’s my smoke (my smoke)
He called me a bitch, that’s India, that be yo’ ho (yo’ ho)
Posted with that stick like Indians, they want my soul

Post about it, bitch, I got like 30 mill’, my mind gone (yeah, yeah)
And I’m gon’ be rich inside my casket once my time gone
I’m bumpin’ Wooski, turnt up with some groupies while at my home
Why he drop that wack-ass song? Pussy bitch, you should’ve known (should’ve known)
My daddy tell me, “Leave it ‘lone, ” but I’m like, “Man, fuck them niggas”
Used to fuck with Gucci ’til I seen he like them pussy niggas (bitch)
Mama know I’m ruthless, talkin’ stupid, make me bust a nigga (bust it)
They know I’m on house arrest, so they feel like they official (yeah, yeah)

Bitch, I’ll kill you, then I take your whistle, God know I don’t like you niggas (yeah, yeah)
Feds wanna lock a nigga up ’cause he tote baby missiles (baby)
Bitch, don’t bring my baby mama up, she richer than your niggas (rich)
Every nigga did a feature with you, slime out to get ’em

Set ’em up then point a nigga, field goal, Romo
Know I keep that .9 with me, you can act like that you don’t know (don’t know)
Baby with ’em, 4PF, four poles firin’ (grr-grr)
Want me for to die? Tell that pussy, “Cross the line” (come cross the line)
Ain’t got no fuckin’ mind, tell ’em, “Free Baba, that’s my evil twin” (my twin)
Youngin’ bouncin’ on his tippy-toes when he creepin’ in (creepin’ in)
He get drug tested but still on dope, prescription came in (came in)
I be turnt up with my baby mamas, I ain’t got no fuckin’ friends (hah, hah, bow, bow)

He got Rolls, my McLaren, he got Maybach and Range Rover (yeah, baow, baow)
He got Bentley GT, Redeye, it’s black coated (yeah)
Slidin’ in a Tesla (yeah), and he got that yay on him
Pussy nigga dissin’ me, mad about his dead homie

Nigga, I’m a real Blood (Blood), and I’m screamin’, “Blatt” (blatt)
I get free, they know where I’m at, I’m posted ‘cross that trap (cross that)
Starr don’t wanna drop my son off, know somebody might get whacked (whacked)
Board the jet, you know I’m flyin’ off, I land, I’m smokin’ ‘thrax
Where you at? Yo’ security, they get bust at too (get bust at)
I don’t give no fuck about this rap shit, I’ll bust at you (i’ll bust at you)
Your daddy hit the feds, fuck that nigga, he a bitch, too (he a bitch)
Tell him sit on side your cousin mama while that bitch grieve too (hah, hah)

And that lil’ bitch, she say, “4L, ” huh? I say, “Heads or tails, slime”
Tell ’em, “Kill YoungBoy, ” all of y’all gon’ fuckin’ fail, hah (woah)
Let me check my mail, five, 15 mills, just for the slime (woah)
Stomp him in his fuckin’ face, I left him with my Nike sign (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Free Lil Meechy off the line, niggas know I’m big slime (big slime)
Win or lose, no draw, nigga, them boys know I’m ’bout mine (’bout mine)
Don’t know nothin’ but slang iron, ain’t respondin’ no more
I just wanna make the bitch go, he way from the go (ha-ha)

You know where I stay, don’t let me find your home (don’t let me find you, fuck you)
They don’t let me see my daughter from the time I’m on (bitch, boom, boom)
Hear that blicky sound, that’s the Dada tone
Feel like Boosie don’t even like me, bitch, don’t call my phone (fuck you)
Tell Apple I said, “Fuck ’em, ” they promote his song (say, 10, fuck you)
They be hatin’ on Tim and Quando, they act like they wrong (fuck you)
YouTube streamers, they be dick-ridin’, don’t react no more (horrid, run it up, fuck you)
You fuck with them, don’t fuck with me and that’s just how that go (how that go)

When I release, this pure drop, that be pure dope (pure dope)
Chinese Kitty don’t wanna be my girl, she like them folks (them)
Mama told me for to take my Ritalin and I said, “No” (No! No!)
Sarah Snyder always think I’m trippin’ ’cause I’m real slow (real fuckin’ slow)

Hold on, I ain’t ra-, I ain’t, I ain’t rappin’, Jason (hold on, hah, hah)
I’m really just, I’m really just lettin’ these niggas know it’s, “Fuck them” (I don’t need them, fuck)
You heard me? These bitch-ass niggas act like they scared to die (hah)
YoungBoy, I been thuggin’, I been slime, I ain’t scared to die (fuck them niggas, fuck ’em)

I don’t fuck with CC, but my oldest brother Crip (crip)
I be on DC, DC, Marvel, that be him (that be him)
I be on repeat, waitin’ on them just for to trip (ha)
Fuck the whole industry, they know, don’t try to get at him

Hah, yeah, it’s 4KTrey, Nawfside, 38, nigga, free DDawg
(Fuck the whole industry, they know, don’t try to get at him)
We put guns to the face, bitch-ass nigga, how you wan’ do it?
You already know what I say, nigga, who gon’ die today?
Bitch-ass nigga, we put guns to the face, you heard me?
Them bitch-ass, man, these bitch-ass niggas act like they don’t like YoungBoy

I guarantee you can’t say not one thing YoungBoy did to these ho-ass niggas
These bitch-ass niggas be hatin’, you heard me? I ain’t trippin’ these fuck-ass niggas
These fuck-ass niggas gon’ catch it, you heard me? They gon’ catch it
These gon’ catch everything a nigga throw at them, believe that
You heard me? This slime shit, you hear me? Big 5, you hear me?
We gon’ bang for life, nigga, how you wanna do it, for? Yeah
And I don’t fuck with you niggas, believe that

(YoungBoy, they gon’ kill you, you better stop dissin’ them
Tell them niggas, “Fuck ’em, ” man, they know that I ain’t scared of them
How you talkin’ shit when nothin’ ain’t died about your cousin’nem?
Quando got no filter, yeah, he say that, they ain’t gon’ fuck wit’ him)

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