I Hate people who Show-off things

Because most show offs are all about LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DO.

Which makes almost everyone feel like they are saying look at how much better I am than you in doing this. Which usually prompt people to kick the legs from underneath them, to tell them yeah look at what I can do.

What does showoff mean ?

Showing off translates to telling everyone you’re better than them. It’s a whole other ballgame if you’re just doing what you love without the intent of showing off and people start praising you. But as soon as we hear anything closely resembling cockiness, most of us will kick you down again to try and keep you humble. Because being awesome at something doesn’t make you any better than anyone else on the planet. Being awesome usually comes with a huge flaw in another area.

What’s the psychology behind showing off?

Insecurity is the most common reason behind showiness. A person shows off only when he needs to. Only when he thinks that others don’t consider him important will he try to prove that he’s important. If you know that you’re great, you don’t need to tell anyone about it. They should already know. However, if you think that they don’t know you’re great, then you’ll have to make efforts to display your greatness.

Our childhood experiences shape a lot of our adult behaviours. We try to replicate our favourable childhood experiences when we’re adults. If a child was showered with a lot of attention by his parents and those around him, then he may try to maintain that attention level as an adult by becoming showy. This usually happens with the youngest or the only child. The youngest or the only children usually get a lot of attention from their family and when they become adults, they seek to replicate this favourable situation. In other words, they still seek attention but use other subtle ways.

In childhood, they just had to cry or jump up and down to gain attention but as adults they find more socially acceptable ways to do that. It’s very common to see an only child or the youngest child obsessed with branded clothes, fast cars, high end gadgets and stuff like that which would allow him to grab people’s attention.

Why do people want to show off that they have a good life when you know that it is not true?

As far as my understanding goes, depending on their socioeconomic status, things can look pretty much the same, but came from very different reasoning. I’m going to explain this.

Most people with higher socioeconomic status, aka “rich people” or “socialites”, tend to do this out of self-indulgence and hedonistic tendencies. As far as I understand about the mindset of this kind of people, most, if not all of them could be particularly ignorant to the fact that not everybody can afford such a lavish lifestyle. Their bizarre obsession in looking the best they could possibly be, and publicly so, with lack of concern to things like social comparisons can be a big headache. This obsession to brag their wealth in turn created an unnecessary void in people with lower socioeconomic status to fill out, which lead me to another point—people who are just following trends.

In case it’s not obvious, regular people with lower socioeconomic status than the socialites had been known to follow trends set by people like celebrities or public figures, which belong mostly on the said higher socioeconomic status. Having themselves seduced into looking like those people, mimicking their lifestyle or the way they look, checking-in to restaurants they checked-in before, affording services they afforded—these people are just following what’s trendy.This creates a really sick paradigm, in which the green-eyed monster is really fed from both sides—one side is creating the hunger of the monster itself, the other is frantically feeding it blindly.Either way—high or low socioeconomic status, bragging and showing off are really, social facade put up by people to give the impression that they are living the life of their dreams, the way other people seem to be having the life of their dreams, no matter how untrue or blatantly fake it could be and regardless of all the pretty photos and holiday shots tend to suggest one way or the other.

It’s a big social problem, at least in my opinion. I’m sorry to say, but the way I look at it, there’s not much you could do to reverse this cycle—the snowball had been rolling down the hill for too long.

However, realizing that this is not something we should all succumb into could really help you—at least it helped me.

What are the ways by which people Show-off

1. Selfies with iphones.

Yes you all are familiar with this show off as most of the people who owns an iphone are are doing this regularly. You may noticed that they whenever clicks a photo, their main aim is to just show the branding of the apple.

2. Talking in english without any necessity.

Have you ever noticed that some of the people who are not so much influential in English speaking are unnecessarily tries to speak English among others.

3. Listening English Songs

This one is very common as now a days many youngsters prefers listening english songs and surprisingly it does not matters that they understand anything or not.

4. Show off the Donations

Yes its a sad truth that some of the people show off as much as they can whenever they donate something. Donating is to be done as for self pleasure not for show off.

5. Socializing the visits of costly places

I think at present its mandatory to share the photos when you visit any place. Yes, why people not enjoy traveling by just only traveling, they just made it compulsory to update on social media about their visits and its a pure show off.

6. Flight tags on luggage

Have you notice that a huge number of people are there in India who intentionally not removes their flight tags from their bags or luggage. T hey just try to show off that they frequently travels in plane but it really seems to cheap.

7. Talking in english with the waiter

Some people when visits a restaurant with family or friends, they talk to waiter in english for unknown reasons. No matter how well or how bad they are in english speaking.

8. Talking about foreigner relatives

It looks like in India its a tradition to have a compulsory talk in any gathering about your relative who is a foreigner, if you have such one. GREAT SHOW OFF.


You all are must aware of this show off called as weddings. A display of dowries, unlimited wastage of food, the great resources wastage ceremonial show off.

10. Marks in exams

The last but most wide spread kind of show off. Its typical to understand, yes as you all know if the topper of your class get 95+% and says “Not satisfactory result at all”. Don’t you think its also a great kind of show off.

11. Show off their Wealth

People who show off their wealth do not do it for fun out of thin air. There’s usually a deep psychological reason as to why they’re doing it. Usually it arises from a lack of respect and insecurity caused by their peers during childhood.

12. Show off their knowledge?

There’s nothing wrong in showing off your knowledge when the need arises. It becomes a serious problem when you use it to belittle people and think you are the king of the world because you know something that nobody else in your circle knows.

Step out. You’ll see how ignorant you’ve been when you meet people whose knowledge and intelligence are unfathomable to your mind. A smart person never boasts of his knowledge because he knows there’s always something he won’t know.

Now how to stop showing off your knowledge?

First of all if you are showing off then you have illusion of knowledge and that is the most common but the greatest enemy of knowledge , I may sound like I don’t have illusion but believe me every person in this planet has this problem at some point of their life, but that doesn’t mean It is acceptable.

I mean if you want to live a life full of illusion then It’s great you will go to bar , night clubs or some family or friends get together you would brag your knowledge till the end , some idiots will get impress , some will be jealous , some will ignore you and you will walk out with a big and confident grin even though you know nothing about that topic and one day between your bragging an another bragger with more illusion of knowledge would replace you and soon your grinning with confidence era would be over

But if you want to achieve something not just a career or job but really achieve something then push yourself hard , when reading something your brain would constantly tell you that you know this thing , but don’t listen to that it only wants to save energy by making you skip that thing so read it , every single word with every single paragraph and one day you wouldn’t have to push yourself to do that it will become an habit and your illusion of knowledge would be replaced by awareness of knowing nothing and your bragging knowledge would stop immediately


How should we react in front of people when they Show off ?



If you can’t just ignore them.

Give them what they want – some kind of push and speak along for a while and then step away if it’s getting a little too much. If it’s a close friend, make fun of it. Most (or maybe all) of us show off in some way or the other.

Insecurities within make people want to show off. You may show off when you are talking to a certain set of people but may not do when you are with some others. As long as these are all people you want to stay in touch with, your reaction should be to ensure the relationship is intact or improves further and not damages in any way. Nothing else matters. Just be yourself.

Encourage them to speak more about their “achievements” and when the time is right ask them some technical questions.

  1. If one of your relatives/ neighbour uncle or aunt brags about your son or daughter’s score ask them about the books he reads and how did he reach that score. Keep asking and asking. Make them uncomfortable to the point that they have no idea about what to reply.
  2. There must be some field where you are better than them. Divert your discussions to that topic.
  3. Arm yourself with information in the field they use to show off. That narcissistic friend of yours may be deeply interested in Game of Thrones. Ask them questions regarding the motives and story of different characters. Most of their knowledge is shallow. If they can’t reply properly tease them they are not a loyal GoT fan. They will avoid discussing GoT with you.
  4. If your acquaintance likes to flaunt his English speaking skills by using his own mix of Hinglish, talk to them in perfect English.
  5. “Show-off” lovers can’t stand anyone at a higher plane than themselves. When they realise they are no match for you, they will avoid playing their hideous game of self-praise around you.
  6. If you don’t know about the subject be assertive and make it clear that you aren’t interested.
  7. If you can ask them to “SHUT UP!!” well and good.


1. They don’t know about Hatemag.

2. They are dumb.

3. Evolution didn’t favour those.

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