I Hate Overthinking Everything

Its almost 0350 hrs (3:50 am morning) and my whole of this night went overthinking about something that I don’t need to worry about. So why I am thinking? I DON’T KNOW!!!!

So here I am writing this for distraction and seriously telling I hate myself for being an overthinker.



i play scenes in my head.

i practice the things i want to say.

i have endless “what IFs”

i ask myself s lot if questions.

i make plans for future or coming days.

i think of all people i miss.

OVERTHINKING: the art of creating problems that weren’t even there

If there is anything that I am good at, it is overthinking every situation and NOT that all it ever achieves is getting me anxious and depressed sometimes it makes me happy also. But read again what i said… SOMETIMES.

I’ve been teaching myself to love my overthinking, and how to function as one. I find it best to acknowledge once the anxiety is beginning to set in I force myself to a shallower interest on the tail of, “Return to the thought once I’ve recollected myself.” This way I don’t have to live my life like a cesspool of complete mental chaos. 60% of the time it works 20% of the time, but much better than the zero it started.

I overthink the smallest things, like any conversation with my people (people i love) even if it’s just me asking like “hey where [whatever]?” and they tell me and it only lasts like for just few seconds but I’ll overthink it so much leading up to it then I’ll replay it over and over thinking about how I sort of stuttered or I could have phrased it better or I was a bit awkward or whatever. And that’s only overthinking small stuff. Now imagine if something big I have to say.

Another example the ones I love so much… i tend to just over analyse every single move they make. Its probably because may be I am either scared of getting screwed that’s why I look for those first signs of trouble or I am just really insecure. “I hate acting like this, but I do it anyways”.


I feel sad for all the hours of sleep I’ve lost to overthinking.

What Overthinking does to me ?

It is the worst. It puts all these negative thoughts into my head. I start to over think, I make scenarios up in my head. Some good, some bad. It can lend to being let down. It can lead to false hope. It always leads to a bad mood. It makes me feel hopeless and worthless. It makes me feel like I’ll never be good enough. It makes me feel like I am going to lose someone who means so much to me. It stops me from doing what I want to do because I am so scared of the outcomes so I don’t want to risk it.

It prevents me from saying things I always wanted to say.

I hate it. I absolutely hate overthinking .

Because once you start to overthink, you just can’t stop.


“Maybe you should stop overthinking so much and trust the way life happens. You grow and grow into someone else. You have the opportunity to rise and face the world the way that you want to. Take this with you, you are a beautiful human being… don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to fall. don’t be afraid to get your heart broken. don’t be afraid at all. The fear is in your head. The doubt is in your heart. And regret survives in the memory-that is, if you feed it–if you give into it. So please, before you go… overthinking is a self-inflicting act. It is the suicide, the doubt of self, the tragedy no one understands. It is instant death without lifting a single sword. So don’t give in to it, you know you’re stronger than that and capable of so much more.”

Why should we stop Overthinking?

1. Too much thinking can give you a headache

You might get a headache when you keep repeating, discussing and analyzing a certain unimportant matter. You might get a headache, if a certain thought keeps repeating itself in your mind, and you cannot stop thinking it. This happens often to most people.

It is like a song that keeps repeating itself in your mind, and which you cannot take out of your mind.

Thinking about unimportant matters over and again will get you nowhere, and your only gain would be waste of time, waste of energy, and probably a headache.

2. Overthinking weakens your ability to focus your mind

It is easier to focus your mind on your work, studies and whatever you happen to be doing, when the mind is calm, free, and not occupied with constant thinking.

You have more control of your mind and a better focus when your mind is not constantly occupied with nonstop thinking, over which you have no control.

3. It is difficult to make decisions when you overthink

What happens if you decide to do one thing, but immediately change your mind?

When making a decision, the proper way is to think for a while about the options, decide about best course of action under the given circumstances, and then make the decision and carry it out without looking back.

If instead, you keep thinking, raising doubts, changing your mind, and letting worries occupy your mind, you will not be able to decide and will not take action.

Overthinking weakens your ability to make decisions and carry them out and allows your mind to raise doubts.

This behavior wastes your time, and makes you lose confidence in your ability to make decisions.

4. You miss opportunities

You miss opportunities because you are imprisoned by your thoughts. Constant thinking puts you in to a rut. You cannot see beyond your usual thoughts, beliefs and viewpoint.

When you get rid of this habit, you allow other, different thoughts to enter your mind. You become aware of your environment and you can therefore recognize opportunities. A mind free of too much thinking can see life from a wider viewpoint.

5. You become passive instead of active

The habit of nonstop thinking makes you a passive person, instead of an active person, who takes action and does things.

When there is overthinking, you cannot make up your mind about anything, and you allow every thought that passes through your mind to grow, repeat itself, and bring more similar and associated thoughts.

Every goal needs thinking and planning, and then you need to act. Just thinking, fretting and analyzing, will not take you anywhere. You need to know when to stop thinking and start taking action.

6. You enjoy life more when you stop overthinking

When you give every matter just a reasonable period of time to think about, and then make a decision without changing your mind numberless times, you make things happen. You spend your time doing things instead of just thinking about them.

When there is no constant thinking, there is inner peace, and when there is inner peace, your mind and attention become free of worries, fears, thoughts about the past, and meaningless thoughts. In this situation, you become more aware of the present moment, aware of opportunities, and you experience more happiness.


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