I hate my relatives – Indian Version

I hate my relatives

I hate my relatives and I know am not alone.

Do you have a family member who completely annoys you? While you can’t pick your family or those within it, you can choose how you react and respond to difficult situations in your family.

Believe it or not! Relatives are nothing but CCTV’s which keeps watching you. 😁😣

I hate my Relatives for

If I speak very good English, I am too Western.

If I dress up in Western clothes, I am too modern.

If I have modern thoughts, I am corrupted.

If someone is getting married, the guy or girl doesn’t look good enough.

In marriage, If food is too good : Jalebi was not in menu 🙁

I bought a good car, I am a drug dealer.

I am good looking, I am Shah Rukh Khan

I have many friends (girls), I am fuckboiii

If I am too open in front of boys, I am slut.

If I win everytime, I am lucky

If I lose oneday, I didn’t worked hard.

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I just want to tell them shut up and mind your own business. Fix yourself first.

Don’t bother to give life advice until asked and until you accomplish something worthwhile. Don’t brainwash parents against their own children. Nothing good can come out of it. If you can’t speak anything positive don’t bother to speak at all.

Comment below your reasons – Why do you hate your Relatives?

They best advice I can give you is,


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