I hate bing and Reasons Why it’s hated by people

I hate bing

Microsoft Bing, commonly known as Bing, is a Microsoft-owned search engine. It’s the world’s second-largest search engine but has a much smaller engagement rate than Google. Google has 70% of the market while Bing has 15% and rest 15% to others.

Bing explained – I hate bing and Reasons Why it’s hated by people

Microsoft’s search engine has gone through a few iterations over the years, starting as MSN search in 1998. It then transitioned through Windows Live Search and Live Search before it was rebranded to Bing.

What does Bing do?

Just like Google, Bing is a search engine and does pretty much all of the same things. Bing has autosuggestions, currency conversions and result tabs for images, videos, news and shopping, amongst other common features.

On a very basic level, a search engine’s job is to bring up the most relevant results from the internet for a user’s search term. But to do this search engines use algorithms to determine which results show up at the top.

The nature of Bing’s exact search algorithm is kept under wraps and is said to be continually updating. According to its Webmaster Guidelines, Bing ranks pages based on relevance, quality, credibility, user engagement, freshness, location and page load time. Figuring out the difference really comes down to searching on multiple engines to see which results you prefer.

Bing also powers a number of other search engines, including Yahoo!, and, just like other search engines, it also keeps track of what you do online.

Many of the things Google does, Bing also does. It really comes down to personal preference over why you would use one over the other. So why then has Bing received so much hate over the years?

Bing backlash

I hate Bing because it frequently hijacks my browser and resets my homepage…its a virus.

I hate BING because it sends you to ads instead of webpage where you are searching to go to. it is extremely annoying and difficult, I prefer google.

I hate Bing to the extent that I have a hard time keeping myself from destroying expensive computers when I see it. It causes me tons of anxiety. No matter how many times you get rid of it it pops up it’s ugly head. I have used it. It isn’t too bad but it is a generic that does not belong. I could literally shoot someone if they caused Bing to show up on my computer. Even the name is stupid. It is a cockroach in a butterfly kingdom.

You only have to, ironically, Google search Bing to see commonly searched phrases such as “how do I get rid of Bing?”

Poor Bing. It gets no respect.

Honestly, it’s a reasonable search engine, but due to Microsoft’s ham-handed approach to ramming it down the throats of first Internet Explorer and then Windows 10 users, it’s developed a reputation as more of an annoyance than anything else. While Microsoft seems to be dialing back the marketing a little, Bing still shows up more often than many people would like, and it can be difficult to make go away.

Because it is terrible. Search results are sorted by who pays them more and their algorithms are completely inferior compared to google.

The reasons for this backlash are many and varied. Some don’t like Bing’s algorithm and find its search results to be of lesser quality. Others dislike Microsoft’s tactic of forcing Bing on them as the default search engine with no easy way out. Or, like the Apple vs. PC debate, some people dislike Bing simply because it isn’t Google.

After a while, it just became the default to hate on Bing, maybe without even knowing why. This stigma has stuck in the collective conscience for so long that it’s pretty hard to revert back. But Peter Parker used Bing, so maybe there’s hope for it yet.

Well, are you trying to be cool by hurting Microsoft’s feelings.

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