Google I hate you and here’s why?

Lately, Google has shifted its focus from what’s best to users to what’s best for Google. Where Google is failing on data collection, privacy, SEO, spam, and more.

Google is getting increasingly arrogant and as people gradually grow accustomed to each new level of irritation, Google’s “creepy line” shifts.

Follow Google Guidelines. Follow what Google tells you to do. Be smart and original about the way you do it but follow their rules.

Doesn’t that sound familiar to you?

This awfully sounds like a dictatorship, even if it is done in a more subtle manner.

A striking example is their certifications (FYI:Facebook is doing the same):

The content of that certification itself is skewed and very generic. It is the perfect brainwashing, brand building marketing tool.But not an actual proof of skill

They get to make the rules of the game, they decide what is relevant and what is not.

As a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant, website owner, and web surfer, I find it illogical how important Google finds some ranking factors. It happens far too often that I see irrelevant, unimportant websites high in a top 10, just because they have an exact match domain name. Or their domain happens to have a lot of generic authority and ranks for everything they accidentally entered in their text.

1. I hate when sites like or tops the search results with blank blog posts or fake information and wikipedia is found nowhere.

2. I hate when all the search results on the first page is from single website.

3. I hate when I try to sign out from my google account and it logs me out from all other accounts.

4. I hate when I search for some images and all I get is results from Pinterest.

5. Web search counts that make no sense. When I hit up search and I get “about” 69,69,000 matches in 0.60 secs. I hate that

6. Don’t show me the results I rejected in the first go, I mean you can add a button with “Don’t show pervious results” which will filter the results I’ve seen already

7. I hate your monopoly search results, give me a tool to search in more refined & related way.

8. Make show the same results regardless of country. You have country-specific editions. They give people the option to choose if they want a country skew. Given this, don’t automatically skew anyway if someone has chosen to search the entire web. It’s
confusing when different people in different countries are comparing results

9. Give us paid web search support: Folks are still obsessing about being listed in Google. They worry they’ve been banned and any number of other problems. Give them a guaranteed support mechanism. If I am opening a company named HateMag give me a paid way to be there in first page search results. This would avoid people who search HateMag getting results about “Why I hate mag”

10. Give advertisers the ability to pick and choose in search: It took you years to almost grudgingly give advertisers the ability to pick-and-choose what content sites they have their
ads appear on, despite them wanting this from day one.

11. Be more responsive to click fraud complaints: I’ve heard from too many advertisers who have felt over the years like they’re making something up when they come forth with click fraud concerns. You’re promising to do better. Please deliver. Make them feel supported.

12. Break out search revenues from other types
of ad revenues.
Please don’t contribute to the contextual pollution. It’ll hurt you down the line if one channel starts to weaken and the other remains healthy. Failure to breakout means that people will assume all
of “search” is having trouble.

13. Stop giving away Blogger for free. It’s just full of junk. Junk, junk, junk. How you’ve reinvented free home page spam that sucked in the 90s. Why are you allowing it again now?
Charge people even a token amount ($1 even), and that will be a big barrier.
Who’s going to ding you for charging a $1 start-up fee that you can levy through
Google Payments?

14. I hate your blogger, Idk why you don’t understand the value of It’s amazing but first is don’t give it free and second it give us Blogger 2.0, we need a big update.

15. I hate your Youtube for Shorts, stop becoming tiktok.

16. Hate you google for giving us Sites and not allowing us to customize it, make something better than WordPress. I know you can do.

17. Hate you not Improving your Adwords & Keyword Planner tool, result is people blindly trust what Ahrefs, semrush is giving them. I know your potential but when you’re gonna improve.

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