Do you get Spankings from your Wife? Hate or Love it

It’s important to remember that any form of sexual activity should be safe, consensual, and respectful of all involved individuals’ boundaries and preferences. Communication and mutual respect are essential for any healthy sexual relationship.

What are Spankings

Spankings typically refer to the act of striking someone’s buttocks with an open hand, usually as a form of punishment or discipline. Spanking can be administered to children as a disciplinary measure by their parents or caregivers, and it can also be used in certain BDSM and fetish contexts as a consensual form of erotic play. However, it’s worth noting that spanking is a controversial topic, and opinions about its appropriateness and effectiveness as a disciplinary measure vary widely. Some studies suggest that spanking may have negative effects on a child’s mental health and behavior, while others argue that it can be an effective and appropriate form of discipline in certain circumstances. Ultimately, the decision to use spanking as a disciplinary measure should be made carefully and with consideration of the child’s well-being and safety.

Spankings from your wife ?

Only if you love her.

If your wife is naughty and you love her enough to give her needed discipline, then by all means give get a spanking.

Such a spanking is best delivered behind closed doors, perhaps in your bedroom; she is entitled to privacy when she is disciplined.

A guide to the perfect spanking

Get warmed up first 

Save the best for last and in this case the best is spanking. You want to start with a few moves first that’ll heat things up. This way you’ll be able to initiate the spanking without shocking your partner.

Be on the same page about this

Whilst some people can take spanking everyday, some people dislike it so it’s best that as a couple you’re clear on this. Should your partner give you the go ahead, always ask whether they enjoyed it or not because this might have been their first time and hated it.

Get the perfect spot to spank

Acording to studies, there’s a particular spot to spank that can possibly give you an orgasm. That area is just beneath the curve of your booty. Though this might hurt to others, increasing your experience with a whip can make things even hotter.

Bring in the props

You’ve done the hand spank, loved it and you now you need a new experience, that’s when props come in handy. Use things like belts, whips, or anything but your hand.

No jewellry allowed 

You might want to reconsider giving spanks with rings, a watch or any sharp objects as that can injure you.

Dress for the occasion

Visual aids are always better right? Not only will he be impressed with you but it’ll do wonders for your confidence.

Avoid spanking in the same area 

Skin is very tender and spanking it in one area can end up hurting. Switch spots and enjoy the moment.

Should You Spank Your Partner? Pros and Cons

Here are some pro’s and con’s to consider:


  • Spanking done right can be very pleasurable. It jiggles all the good stuff in the right ways.
  • Spanking can relieve stress for the spanker and the spankee. I have read countless people say sometimes they just need to be spanked to tears to feel better. I like it for sexual reasons, but whatever you need, right?
  • It’s a different thing to introduce to the bedroom routine. Nothing like a new activity to get the fire going again.


  • This can become a form of abuse if you are not careful. Make sure you are both consenting adults! Use a safe word if things get out of hand. Overall, be respectful.
  • Depending on the level of spanking intensity, you may not be able to sit down. Not really ideal if you have to go to work in the morning. My advice is not to injure each other at all.
  • Punishment Spankings can cause weird complexes. I would just reiterate respect all around.

There are many different levels and types of spanking. If you and your partner talk about it and want to try it out, here are a few ideas:

Have your partner bend over a bed or the lap of the one giving the spanking. Start with light smacks over clothes, then gradually add intensity while removing clothing layers. Bare bottom spankings are fun, but if you are new you don’t want to hit the skin right at first because it will hurt your partner and not be nearly as sexy. If you want to spank with implements such as a paddle, a switch, or a wooden spoon, I would suggest starting out with clothes on as well. Just have fun with it, and try to listen to each other as you try out this fun way of foreplay.

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