50+ Funny Instagram Notes to pinch your Friends

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Instagram recently introduced several new features, and the one that’s getting the most attention is called Notes. It allows users to leave a Note for followers they follow back or select close friends; it will hover at the top of your friends’ inbox for 24 hours, and any replies will be sent as DMs.

Notes were met with mixed reactions. To some, it seemed like — wasn’t this exactly like AIM away messages? To others, it seemed confusing, even frustrating — changing its interface every five seconds? But even among the less-than-impressed contingent, the feature seems to have taken off. The top of my inbox is littered with friends’ Notes (although many of them are the virtual equivalent of a “what am I supposed to be doing with this?”).

50+ Funny Instagram Notes to your Friends

We’ve lived through enough new feature releases to know that soon enough, we’ll all be using Notes without a second thought. So why not get ahead of the game? If you’re not sure what to drop for your first Note, we came up with a list of 48 funny Instagram Note ideas — all under 60 characters — to get you started.

  • Do you know what’d look good on you? Me .
  • You marry so that you can know each other and the process lasts for infinity.
  • With great girlfriend comes great expenses.
  • Dear MATH, stop asking to find your X, she’s not coming back.
  • Make love, not war. Hell, do both. Get married..
  • My wife dresses to kill. She cooks the same way.
  • Newton’s law of love: Love can neither be created nor be destroyed. Only it can transfer from one girlfriend to another with some loss of money.
  • I don’t want to be in a relationship, also I would rather be in a Range Rover.

Cute funny notes on Instagram

  • Why is it that we tend to take relationships for granted? We unconsciously think it can take care of itself. But love neglected is the start of indifference.
  • There is no such thing as a perfect person, but someone’s heart can have the perfect intention.
  • You don’t have to jump high for people to like you, love you, want to be with you, and notice you. You just have to be yourself, and you will be accepted for who you are.
  • Stop being a zombie. Find something that you’re excited about in your life; otherwise, you’re just walking dead.
  • I put my best foot forward, then my worst foot after that, then my best foot again.
  • Insecurities can make even the smartest and most beautiful person foolishly question themselves despite how amazing they truly are.
  • Mental stimulation and an emotional connection between two people trump a physical and love connection any day. However, having all of the above is even more powerful and meaningful
  • Consider yourself blessed.
  • Even the most beautiful people will have at least some insecurity, whether they admit it or not.
  • People won’t always love you. They may love what you bring to the table and love what you may do for them, but that doesn’t mean they love you. Learn the difference, my friends.
  • Before spending time trying to find someone, you must first find yourself.
  • Make sure to savor all your special moments, step outside of yourself, and bask in your own presence, while it’s still present.
  • You and I are cupcakes of an everlasting honeymoon party.
  • Stop sending reels to me, for god sake!
  • Do not peep into my message box. Period!
  • Don’t you dare to message me!
  • No pranks please, I’m tired of it!
  • Don’t tag me in your stories, I’m sick of unknown requests!
  • Don’t gift me baby dolls, I’ve  now grown up!
  • Don’t HMU, I’m married” – for all of you guys and girls tired of the DM’s from strangers.
  • “Where am I?”
  • “Help, I’m stuck on the toilet with no toilet paper” – everyone’s biggest fear.
  • Poke fun at the contact next to you: “The person beside me is a clown.”
  • “Say no to books, read Instagram Notes”
  • “Finally got a new Pear Phone!” – inspired by Nickelodeon icon Tori Vega and her TheSlap.com updates.
  • “BRB mom needs comp” – when your parents rudely interrupted your MSN session as a kid.
  • “You have just sent a Nudge!” – MSN fans will know about the nudge wars
  • “The person reading this is dumb.”
  • Shot your shot with “you come here often?”
  • “Venmo me”
  • “Don’t talk to me”
  • “Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me”
  • “Please don’t put your OnlyFans link here”
  • “My DM’s are closed”
  • Another AIM classic: “d0NT crii becuz itz 0VER. SM!LE becuz it hAPPENEd. – aUDREY. hEPBURN. (0R SOME1)”
  • Your name signed off”.
  • “Disregard females, acquire currency”
  • Become one of those fake dating adverts: “HOT SINGLES IN YOUR AREA!” along with some flame emojis.
  • Insert your CashApp URL and see if your bank total increases
  • “BRB TTYL <3”
  • “How do I un-update this?”
  • “If u WeRe my hOmEwoRK, i’D b doing U riTe now 😉

Best instagram notes idea

  1. It’s time to earn the spotlight. Saying yes to adventures.
  2. Check out my latest blog post/youtube video.
  3. Traveler, Booklover & obsessed with coffee.
  4. Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur.
  5. We donate an amount of our profit to charity.
  6. Creator, Digital Marketer, SEO Specialist.
  7. We weave the running stories.
  8. We ensure your brand growth.
  9. Spotlighting sports & stories.
  10. Be the warrior in the world of worries.
  11. Analyzing perspectives! I post what I practice!
  12. Exploring social through colored glasses!
  13. Be kind & courageous! That’s my way to support entrepreneurs.
  14. My ways are exceptional! Simple yet significant.
  15. Wear, Care, Recycle! Click, tag & get featured!
  16. We adore your style! Tag us @… & Get featured!
  17. Dive into the world of style! We are ‘HIGH’ on performance.
  18. Digital marketer with a whole lot of experience & a little bit of saas!
  19. Determined. Confident. Unapologetic.
  20. Authentic Handmade Products! Protecting ancient crafts from extinction! Shipping worldwide!

Best Short notes ideas

  1. Art of Chillin!
  2. Delicious Treat!
  3. Bucket List
  4. Easy, Buzzy & Rolling!
  5. FLY High!
  6. Fry-Yay Feels
  7. Giveaway Alert
  8. Happy Hours
  9. Launch Day
  10. Creating Hustle
  11. Mood Lifter
  12. Limited Edition
  13. Power Up
  14. Superpower Wheel
  15. Snacking Chocolate
  16. Struggle to Change
  17. Stubble but Strong!
  18. Switch to Home Mode
  19. Weekend Vibes
  20. Winter Style

Best one word Note for Instagram

  1. BAE❤️
  2. Daydream✨✨
  3. Escape
  4. Explore
  5. Fabulous
  6. Fearless
  7. Fire🔥
  8. Flawless
  9. FOMO
  10. GOAT
  11. HODL
  12. Hustling
  13. Perfection
  14. Random
  15. Ready
  16. Reflections
  17. Respect
  18. Serendipity
  19. Slay
  20. SoLoMo
  21. SWAG
  22. Thankful
  23. TBT
  24. TGIF
  25. THIS❤️‍🔥
  26. Vibes
  27. Wanderlust
  28. XOXO
  29. Zany
  30. Zap

Birthday Notes for Instagram

  1. Blessed to see another year🎉.
  2. Cheesin’ & enjoying my last teenage year! Happy Birthday to me!!🎂
  3. Let’s count the memories you make over the years.
  4. Happy birthday to us!! We turned —– years old.
  5. Birthdays with your loved ones are the best birthdays.
  6. We have shared another one year of our service with you!
  7. Thank you Mamma and Dad, for bringing me into this wonderful world. Grateful!
  8. Grow old but don’t lose the child within you.
  9. Kisses, hugs, and lots of birthday wishes.
  10. Making my years count instead of counting my years.
  11. Another year older; none the wiser.
  12. Grateful for your crazy existence. Happy birthday, bestie!
  13. Cheers to —– years of existence.
  14. —– years of service & we are growing! Happy Anniversary to Us!
  15. We are turning —– this year! Keep Calm & enjoy the birthday vibe!

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