100 things I hate about myself

Self-hatred often comes in a moment when you don’t have compassion for yourself. If you have a period where you’re feeling good, I am trying to write out a list of what I hate about myself.

Trying writing down what’re your reasons for hating yourself. If you can’t think of anything, don’t panic. Love is a strong emotion that’s hard to feel toward yourself in a low point.

As usual I’ll start with lyrics of I Hate Myself – NF

Yeah, late nights get the best of me
They know how to get to me
Suicide thoughts come and go like a guest to me
But I don’t wanna die, just wanna get relief

I hate myself for these 69 reasons

1. I feel fat all the time, most people I know tell me I’m not. But I feel enormous every time I wake up and every time I eat something. The only time I feel thin is when I refuse to eat or tell people I don’t feel well.

2. I have very rosy cheeks, and when I exercise they go bright red.

3. I hate wearing shorts and sweat pants, and everyone loves them.

4. I’m never as old as I want myself to be.

5. My teeth aren’t strait or perfect white.

6. I use my mobile/ laptop little too much

7. I’m very cynical, I always look for the worst in people.

8. I’m introvert, bad at keeping convos and being funny at serious moments.

9. I get angry too easily, and sometimes I hurt people I care about whether I want to or not.

10. It is hard for me to relate to things that I don’t know

11. It feels like everyone hates me,

12. I pretend that I don’t care, but it pains me to know that I really do

13. I’m not pretty enough for any of the boys to want to talk to me

14. I’m not skinny enough to fit in with the other girls.

15. I start fights I can’t finish

16. I’m out of shape

17. I want to kill myself sometimes

18. I can’t cook

19. I always make the wrong impression

20. I can’t understand Math, even when I try my hardest I can never get it right.

21. I can’t draw like I want to

22. I can’t write how I want

23. I crave to be a published writer, but I don’t think I could get published

24. I’m too tall

25. I have monkey toes

26. I’m not charismatic

27. I can’t be myself because I’m afraid people will reject me.

28. I love to play video games

29. I love to sing

30. I never have the clothes everyone else has

31. I’m too young to make a difference

32. I hate my parent sometimes

33. Sometimes I want to tell people things, but I never have enough nerve.

34. I walk in thinking no one likes me and I don’t make any friends

35. I can’t do the things I wish I could

36. I can’t trust people

37. I’m too self-conscious

38. I act headstrong and self-dependant when in reality I crave direction

39. I can’t even trust myself

40. I’m addicted to chewing gum

41. I’m never as good as I want to be

42. I pick fights

43. I wear what I want, but I want to wear what others think looks good

44. I hated being complimented

45. I’m afraid to be liked

46. I don’t feel pretty

47. I feel like I’m fighting to be my own person, but failing miserably

48. I’m a terrible writer

49. I like to lie

50. I’m overly aggressive. I want to look into a mirror that will love my own reflection harder than I hate myself.

51. I hurt people before they hurt me

52. I’m afraid that if people like me, its only to hurt me somehow

53. I don’t put any trust in anyone but myself

54. I enjoy my cat’s company more than my own mothers

55. I flip out at people for small things because I don’t let things go

56. I hurt myself sometimes

57. I’m afraid to change

58. I’m afraid of being rejected

59. I’m afraid of being with other people,

60. but I’m also afraid of being alone

61. I tease people about things because I’m insecure about myself

62. I feel emotion

63. The girls at school still make me upset

64. I’m afraid someone will break my heart

65. I’m alone

66. I don’t like trying new things

67. I hate sports

68. I don’t fit in

69. Everyone wants me to change myself

70. I want to change myself

71. I fantasize about killing myself sometimes

72. I wonder what would happen if I was dead

73. I wish someone would be friendly to me

74. I’m afraid to go to a new school next year

75. I hurt people I care about

76. I break things

77. I’m not pretty enough

78. I’m not thin

79. I’m not close enough to God,

80. I can’t bring myself to pray to him anymore

81. I’m afraid God hates me

82. I don’t like going to church even though I love Jesus.

83. I’m not smart

84. I can’t make up my mind

85. The world is changing and I’m afraid that I’ll be left behind

86. I pretend that I don’t cry

87. I speak my mind

88. I can’t hold my tongue at the right times


90. I have no life

91. I don’t want to be alive, but I’m too chicken to take it away from myself

92. I wish that someone wanted me

93. No one wants me

94. I can’t let things go

95. I think about things too much

96. I was born

97. I have glasses

98. My hair can’t pick the right color

99. I don’t know any way to be sure of myself

100. I’m me….


When It is Dark All Around, Dawn is Ahead!

I have no money = Wow Good, Lets make some.

I am ugly = Good lets take a little care.

I am Slim = Wohoo, Gym will be great

I am poor in studies = Aha! Time to concentrate on it

Nobody likes me = I Love Myself.

Too many failures = At least I know I failed and I agree, Now time to stand up again.

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