10 reasons why Jesus is not God

Here are 10 reasons why Jesus is not considered God

  1. Jesus does not know everything.
  2. Jesus explicitly states that he is not God.
  3. The Bible does not call Jesus the son of God alone.
  4. God cannot change, but Jesus can change.
  5. Jesus is not the essence of worship, as God is.
  6. Jesus is not self-sufficient, as God is.
  7. Jesus is not the owner of the worlds, as God is.
  8. Jesus cannot save anyone, as God can.
  9. Jesus is not the one who sent himself to the lost sheep of Israel, as God is.
  10. Jesus is not the one who knows when the hour will come, as God does.

These reasons are based on various religious texts and interpretations, and they argue that Jesus does not possess the attributes and characteristics of God.

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