Why people hate trae young?

Trae Young Is the Villain in the NBA Needed During the 2021 Playoffs & that’s Why People have started hating Trae Young. 5 Reasons Why He's a Villain in NBA

Dashed Trail

He got skills which hurt haters feelings

He plays a game where he likes to bait for fouls like Lou Williams, Luka, and James Harden. People hate that style of play outside of Luka because he’s you know… He's modern Iverson


People always try to pull down others

People always try to shoot down hype when a star player isn’t winning games. Trae gets a little more because his numbers are putting him next to or above all-time greats.


Well some people judge him by his looks but I guess No rich man is ugly.


People hate being wrong and they were wrong about Trae


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